“All government servants including members of the judiciary, government officials, semi-government employees, employees of local bodies and representatives of people should send their children / wards to government primary schools”. This is the historic order given by Allahabad High Court on Wednesday.

All Government servants send their children to Government Primanry Schools : Allahabad High Court
All Government servants send their children to Government Primanry Schools : Allahabad High Court

The court has devised this alternative to improve the pathetic conditions of the government schools. After observing the poor condition of the government schools, Justice SudhirAgarwal passed the order on Tuesday. Stating that its order should become operational from the next session, the court has sought a compliance report within six months.

It has been long debated in our country that the condition of government schools and other government institutions can only be improved if the elite class starts sending their children to the schools run by government. Taking the initiative, Allahabad High court has given an order which can seriously turn the fortune of the government schools. IF the decision is implemented with the utmost sincerity, the government schools can excel par than the private schools.

It is beyond doubt that the teachers in government schools possess more knowledge than their counterparts in the private schools. But the problem lays in the inactivity and indifference of the teachers. Now when the government employees will be sending their wards to the primary schools, they will pay the proper attention towards the quality of education, infrastructure and other aspects in the primary schools.

It will also boost social equation. It will give an opportunity to children of common men to interact and mix with children of so-called high or semi-high society, giving them a different kind of atmosphere, confidence and other opportunities. This would give a boost and bring revolution in changing society from grass-root level.

The court has said rightly that it is not difficult to understand why the condition of these schools has not improved… There is no real involvement of administration with these schools. Any person who has some capacity and adequate finances sends his child/ children to elite and semi-elite primary schools, whether it is the district collector or the police chief or any other government servant.

The court also blamed the “lack of accountability and casual approach” on the part of officials of the basic education department for the “mindless, negligent, casual amendments in rules.” It has vindicated the casual and seriousness less approach of the government education authorities towards improving the conditions of the government institutes. Now, we can expect that the UP government will implement this order and not politicize it. The education and health facilities should be ensured by the governments acting beyond the political narrow-mindedness.



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