Mein Pradhan-mantri nahin, Pradhan Sevak banker desh ki seva karunga” (I will serve not as Prime Minister but as prime servant). This was one of the rhetoric statements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he was campaigning for the General election last year. But this commitment of our Prime Minister does not seem turning into a reality.

In last 10 days there have been two shocking incidents which have left everyone shattered. These two incidents have revealed that our so called servants are not servants indeed. Politicians have always being considered as VVIP and this VIP culture still continues.

The first incident is the road accident of Actress turned Politician Hema Malini. Mathura MP Hema Malini met a tragic car accident in Dausa, Rajasthan on Thursday. She got her nose fractured and head injured. She was rushed to hospital as soon as possible. Pictures of injured Hema Malini appeared in media and social media very soon. It resulted in pouring down of well-wishes in huge numbers on social media.

But this is the one side of the coin. Now turn the coin. In this accident an alto car collided with Actress’s car carrying a family of five members. In this accident a four year old girl was killed while other members of the family got major injuries.

Most shocking part of the story is that while the VIP Politician was rushed to hospital immediately the other family was left bleeding on road for more than half an hour. Father of the diseased girl has claimed that her daughter, Sonam could have been saved had she rushed to the hospital with Ms. Malini. The girl’s mother is still in the dark about her daughter’s death. “My little girl died on the lap of her mother in the car. It is sad that her mother is also struggling in the poly-trauma ward of SMS Hospital Jaipur and she does not know that her daughter is no more” her father said to the reporters.

This incident clearly shows that VIP culture is deeply rooted in our society. While everyone was busy in saving the VIP MP and a legendary actress, no one cared to save the life of a common girl which took her last breath in her mother’s lap on the road.

Another incident is now ten days older. The Union Home Minister of State Kiren Rijuju and Deputy CM of Jammu and Kashmir Nirmal Singh were in Leh when the incident took place. For their return to Delhi, Air India a family of three persons was de-boarded from the plane and the ministers were given the seats for their return Journey. The passengers who had booked tickets and boarded the plane at right time were barred from the journey.

Devendra Fadanvis images
Devendra Fadanvis images

This shameful incident reflects the VIP importance given to the politicians of our country who claim to be the servant of public. In a similar incident an Air India flight was delayed by nearly an hour because the principal secretary of Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadanvees forgot to bring his visa documents along with him. A similar incident also took place last year when the then Congress MP Renuka Chaudhary delayed a flight by more than one hour because she was busy in purchasing.

These irresponsible behavior of our politicians and biased treatment given to them by the authorities shows that there is ‘No concern for Common man in our society!’.

Article By : Satyam Prajapat



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