On 4th July, 1776, citizens of U.S celebrate their Independence Day pocket full of fireworks displays and on parties. U.S spent lots of big bugs in the celebrations of this Independence Day, in order to make it much more memorable than before. This day celebrates its historic and cultural day on 4th, July. This Independence contains lots of amazing and mind blowing  Facts which mostly are unaware by the citizens.

New York was late: when the Continental Congress declared Independence in 1776 from Britain, There were no against vote whereas 12 votes of 12 colonies were in favour to it. The 13th colony, New York was too late to put their original vote for the Independence of the country on 2nd July. New York did not decide to join this until the date arrives of 19th July.

Independence day US HD wallpaper for free download
Independence day US

States thing first considered: Independence did not confined Congress much because it was the thing which came out locally. The first declaration which were made on 4th, October, 1774, in the purpose of supporting the Independence from the town of Worcester, Mass. During the time period of 21 next upcoming months, there was a declaration of about local Independence and 90 total sates. Rep. Richard Henry Lee was sent to the continental congress to put forth towards the resolution of Independence which efficiently let all the colonies to transform into states against the British Empire in the war held for the Independence.

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Americans actually did not fight under the American flag: The 4th July, on which lots of flag waving ceremony is done. But the thing which let every mind to think upon is that the soldiers of the America did not fight under the American flag. Even the variations in the national flag was noticed which after a uniform flag was designed so as to identify their navy ships when they are arriving for foreign ports. But the solders did not fight for the flag, and the U.S easily fall under the irrelevant country. In 1794, when the bill was introduced before congress  to add 2 extra stars on the nation flag of U.S for making the entries into their union. Even it was considered as a“terrifying business”.  But the Continental Army stiil gave its potential in fighting for the flag, which were all different by its regiment.

American Flag images
American Flag images

Founding fathers did not recite the pledge: Pledge is the most important thing which particularly needs extra attention after the Independence, which is very important for citizen to know about it. It is the most patriotic tradition which is followed in every country like in their schools to teach every kid of the nation to learn about their pledge. But, unfortunately this pledge did not exist during the time of our founders of the nation as it was written after the century after America’s founding in 1892. The pledge was also written by the socialist. According to the founders thoughts the states in America are indivisible. But without a pledge they meet to their pass in the nation  because of the declaration that they would initiate every meeting with a prayer.

America founding fathers
America founding fathers

The declaration of Independence Day was the rich and traditional day for U.S to find for its lost documents. It was the never forgetting history for the U.S. The United States declares its Independence as the powerful act of the Second Continental Congress. This Independence give its justifications from separating its nation from the British crown. It was a great expansion of Richard Henry Lee’s resolution which was passed on 2nd July. Its declaration of United States Independence was displays in the national archives and records administration in the Washington, D.C. The 5 committee came up with a draft of declaration of Independence. The committee wants Jefferson to write for the declaration of the Country. The Independence Day which commonly is known to every citizen as the fourth of July, which never let any scarcity of anything like money, events, decorations, etc in order to celebrate such an auspicious cultural day in the U.S. On the 4th July people celebrate and be thankful to God , who help them to let live in  such an Independent Country.



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