US Independence Day, which is most commonly known as the fourth of July or 4 July, in the United States. The United States declares federal holiday on 4th July in every calendar of US. This Independence was adopted on July 4th,1776, from the Kingdom of Great Britain, which now is known to us by the name of United Kingdom. The declaration of Independence Day was adopted by Continental Congress. Independence Day is known as the National day of United States.

During the signing time, US consisted of 13 colonies which were under the England’s King George III’s  rule .Due to the unrest concern in the colonies about the taxes, the colonies were growing towards unrest conditions. This is commonly referred as “ Taxation without Representation”. The colonists also did not have any representation in the English Parliament and had no words to say about that exactly is going on.

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Independence day US 

Due to the growing unrest condition in the colonies, King George sent extra troops to help and to control any rebellion.13 colonies sent their delegates to Philadelphia Pennsylvania to build Continental Congress in 1774. Still they did not declare war, as they were unhappy with the England.

In 1775,King’s troops advanced on concord Massachusetts Paul Revere  would sound the alarm “The British are coming, with his horse rode through late dark night streets. The battle of concord and its “shot heard round the world” would mark the unofficial beginning of colonies war of Independence.

May month arrived, colonies sent their delegates again to second Continental Congress. The Congress tried to work on its differences with England  throughout the year, without declaring war.

By June 1776, their hopeless efforts came to an end and community was formed to compose formal declaration of Independence, by Thomas Jefferson, The committee included John Adams, Robbert R.Liningston, Benjamin Franklin and Roger Sherman. After changes occur, a vote was taken in the afternoon if July 4th. In purpose of making official, John Hancock, President of Continental Congress declared of Independence.

Independence Day in United States includes parades, fireworks, fairs, baseball games, family reunions , barbecues, concerts and speech delivery by the politicians and also politicians ceremony. Their history disclose the traditional way of celebrating Independence Day which includes public as well as private events. Independence Day celebrations often celebrated outdoors. The night before the 4th July, is the focussed point of celebration which is often celebrated by the bonfires as their centrepiece. Families celebrate their off day by attending picnic, fairs, carnival, decorating house, long weekend with their relatives. Their decorations of balloons, streamers, and clothing are coloured with red, blue and white so as to resemble their American Flag. It is the best day of citizens of         US to celebrate the Birthday of their Nation. Independence Day fireworks are often accompanied by patriotic songs of United Nation. These fireworks are sold for personal use as well as for public use. For the purpose of safety, Fireworks  are banned depending upon the size, type, place, etc. A Salute of one gun in each state is known by the “Salute to the Union”is fired in the noon in the Independence Day, Participation levels may vary according to the day on which 4th July fall.


The preparation for the coming 4th July, 2015 are still getting prepared. Boston Park Plaza Hotel prepare for the thousand of the visitors who come to see Boston fireworks spectacular on 4th July. Boston firework has been a favourite way to celebrate 4th July which is celebrated for more than 40years at the Charles River Esplanade. Boston hotels  are preparing to welcome the huge crowd to come to US to celebrate 4th July. Several events held to celebrate Country Liberty. The Boston Pops is Country’s most renowned orchestras. It is the part of huge July 4th at Charles River. More  than 500,000 people come to enjoy the concert. 2015 will mark the 43rd year for this exciting Boston Event. Visitors can also attend concert on 3rd July by 7:30, because of its popularity. This year too it will be a great mind blowing day for the US.

The First week in July is the American busiest week of the year, as it is the National day for which citizens utilize holiday for long trips. This year 2015,  is bringing its 239th Birthday of United States.



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