Moscow, June 21: Two Russian planes have been hijacked on Sunday, June 2. According to the local media reports from Russian country on Sunday-Two private Russian planes have been unauthorized takes off by some unknown peoples. The sources claimed that the planes were small aircraft.

According to the local media reports, without any prior information and permission, a private plane took off from Ishim and the plane headed towards Moscow. Ishim is a town in southern Russia’s Tyumen region.

Two Russian planes hijacked
Two Russian planes hijacked

According to a recent statement released by the investigating department of the Ural Federal District, some unknown people made unauthorized take-offs private plan early Sunday morning. However, the investigating officials have not confirmed yet whether the plane was hijacked or not.

A statement by the investigation department officials claimed, “It is impossible to talk about hijack.”

The “unknown people” initially had unauthorized taken a private jet, a Gardan GY-80-160 light aircraft. However, the jet collided with engineering facilities in the airfield due to technical snag. Later, the “unknown people” changed left the private jet and took a private plane, a Yak-52, claimed by media reports quoting officials.

Russian investigation department officials have already begun the investigation process and have been trying to locate the plane position.

This is not the first time when report comes about the Russian Plan hijack. In the month of May reportedly one Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was hijacked that was claimed by aviation expertise.

Similarly, in the month March reportedly Saudis Storm Hijacked Russian Plane. According to that report there were, “three people killed as Saudi troops stormed a hijacked Russian airliner and freed more than 100 passengers,” reportedly. That time the aircraft had been bound for Moscow with 162 passengers and 12 crew when it was seized. More than 40 hostages were reported released or escaped in Medina before it was stormed.

This time two private Russian plans have been hijacked and investigation department (ID)began investigating the position of that plans. ID department not cleared yet that what happened with that Private plans.

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