Spy is an upcoming American action and comedy genre film in 2015 written and directed by Paul Feig. The film features Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Rose Byrne, Miranda Hart, Bobby Cannavale, Allison Janney, and Jude Law. Spy produced by Paul Feig, Jessie Henderson, Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping and distributed by 20th Century Fox. The film production company is Feigco Entertainment and Chernin Entertainment. Spy is scheduled to be release on June 5, 2015 worldwide.

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melissa mccarthy spy poster goldfinger funny
melissa mccarthy spy poster goldfinger funny
Cast/Starring: Melissa McCarthy (Susan Cooper), Jason Statham (Rick Ford), Jude Law (Bradley Fine), Rose Byrne (Rayna Boyanov), Miranda Hart (Nancy), Bobby Cannavale (De Luca), Allison Janney (Elaine Crocker), Morena Baccarin (Karen Walker), Nargis Fakhri, Peter Serafinowicz, Björn Gustafsson, Verka Serduchka, Zach Woods, Jessica Chaffin
Direction: Paul Feig
Genre: Action/ Comedy
Produced by: Paul Feig, Jessie Henderson, Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping
Production company: Chernin Entertainment, Feigco Entertainment
Distributed by:            20th Century Fox
Studio: N/A
Written by: Paul Feig
Cinematography: Robert Yeoman
Edited by: Dean Zimmerman, Don Zimmerman
Music composed by: Theodore Shapiro
Duration: 120 minutes (2 hours)
Rating: N/A
Screenplay/Writer: Paul Feig
Initially Releasing date: June 5, 2015 (United States)
Language: English
Budget: $65 million
Official Website: N/A


Spy movie preview:

Spy is in one of the highly awaiting movies by the fans of its star cast and crew. This movie stars are high profile professional and proved their acting metal in their previous projects. Spy central actress Melissa McCarthy is famous with her comic acting and she won many awards and nominated by her serious comedy acting. Her fan following is worldwide and they all are waiting for the releasing date of the movie Spy to watch their best comic actress in action-comedy. Not only Melissa McCarthy plays the central in the movie her co-star Jude Law (Bradley Fine) also in focus and main lead actor of the film. His fan list is also very wide after watching his acting in Hollywood one of the most successful series Sherlock Holmes. Jude Law proved their talent in that series as a Dr. Watson friend of movie lead actor Sherlock Holmes.

Jason Statham is one of the surprising factors of this movie. Spy is his second movie in the year 2015. He is much exited with this movie after a grand success of his last movie Fast and Furious 7. Jason Statham plays main negative role in Fast and Furious 7 and appreciated by audience. Fast and Furious 7 is one of the higher business collecting films in year 2015. The other casting of the movie Spy is also very famous among audience and their fan following is very wide too.

As the review by the fans of movie Spy and their likes, appreciations and comments on the trailer of the movie we surly say that the fans highly waiting for this upcoming Hollywood movie Spy. The trailer of the movie is already breaks the numbers of likes and shears on the social networking sites.

We are sure that this movie will have defiantly highly entertained their fans and the starts of this movie make crazy to audience with their unstoppable and serious comedy performance.


Watch online Spy full movie Trailer [HD]:

Here is all the direct link to watch online Spy movie trailer in HD.

SPY Movie Trailer (Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Jude Law…)

SPY Red Band Trailer (Melissa McCarthy Comedy – 2015)

Spy | official red-band trailer #1 US (2015) Jason Statham

 Spy | official trailer #2 US (2015) Melissa McCarthy Jason Statham


Spy full movie story sketch:

Melissa McCarthy ones again comes into her own as a comic star in Spy with a desk-bound CIA analyst named Susan Cooper. She is stepping out from recent supporting and co-headlining roles to become the multiplex screen A-lister, she promised to be in 2011’s Bridesmaids. Lampooning the alpha-male conventions of the secret agent flick while transferring some of that badassery to an unlikely character, writer and director by Paul Feig remains one of the good friends women in comedy have, managing to get yuks from fat-lady jokes while mocking a world that treats such women like they’re invisible.

The story sketch of the film spy revolved around Melissa McCarthy (Susan Cooper) is an unassuming, desk-bound CIA analyst and unsung hero of the movie behind the agency’s most dangerous missions. But when Cooper partner Bradley Fine (Jude Law) falls off the grid and top agent Rick Ford (Jason Statham) is compromised, Cooper volunteers to go deep undercover to thrust oneself the world of deadly arms dealer Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne), and prevent world from a global disaster.


Spy expected Box Office Collection:

In Spy superb start casting who have a tag of film success and to break the all previous records. Melissa McCarthy (Susan Cooper), Jason Statham (Rick Ford), Jude Law (Bradley Fine), Rose Byrne (Rayna Boyanov), Miranda Hart (Nancy), Bobby Cannavale (De Luca) all these world class stars ready to make a noise in film industry once again globally.

If these all stars are coming together than it’s too much typical to predict the expected box office collection of Spy either opening or day to day. It will be cool that this movie breaks how many previous records and write new record over previous record in worldwide film industry.

Keep following us we’ll continuously gives updates related to Spy movie box office collection and official announcements as well.


Spy Releasing date worldwide:

Here we are presenting the list of worldwide famous countries where Spy movie will be released with releasing date. So take a look of Spy releasing date with respective country worldwide.

Country Releasing date
North America
United States (USA) 15 March 2015            (South by Southwest Film Festival)
United States (USA) 7 May 2015     (Louisiana International Film Festival)
United States (USA) 14 May 2015   (Seattle International Film Festival)
Canada 05 June 15
Latin America / Caribbean
Argentina 28 May 15
Bolivia 04 June 15
Belarus 04 June 15
Brazil 09 July 15
Chile 25 June 15
Colombia 28 May 15
Mexico 29 May 15
Panama 28 May 15
Peru 04 June 15
Puerto Rico 04 June 15
Uruguay 05 June 15
Venezuela 05 June 15
Middle East / Africa
Egypt 05 June 15
Israel 04 June 15
Lebanon 28 May 15
South Africa 12 June 15
United Arab Emirates 04 June 15
Azerbaijan 04 June 15
Bahrain 04 June 15
Ecuador 05 June 15
Asia Pacific
Australia 21 May 15
Fiji 21 May 15
China 02 Jun 15
Hong Kong 21 May 15
Iraq 21 May 15
South Korea 21 May 15
India 19 June 15
Indonesia 20 May 15
Japan 12 September 15
Korea 04 June 15
Malaysia 21 May 15
New Zealand 21 May 15
Pilipinas | Philippines 21 May 15
Singapore 21 May 15
Taiwan 22 May 15
Vietnam 22 May 15
Thailand 04 June 15
Austria 29 May 15
Belgium 03 June 15
Jamaica 03 June 15
Trinidad and Tobago 03 June 15
Bulgaria 05 June 15
Hrvatska | Croatia 04 June 15
Cyprus 29 May 15
Czech Republic 04 June 15
Danmark | Denmark 04 June 15
Dominican Republic 04 June 15
Estonia 05 June 15
Suomi | Finland 05 June 15
France 15 July 15
Deutschland | Germany 04 June 15
Greece 18 June 15
Hungary 04 June 15
Iceland 22 May 15
Romania 22 May 15
Italia | Italy 04 June 15
Jordan 04 June 15
Kuwait 04 June 15
Kazakhstan 04 June 15
Oman 04 June 15
Republic of Macedonia 04 June 15
Pakistan 29 May 15
Latvia 05 June 15
Lithuania 05 June 15
Myanmar 29 May 15
Nederland | Netherlands | Holland 04 June 15
Cambodia 12 June 15
Norge | Norway 05 June 15
Polska | Poland 05 June 15
Portugal 04 June 15
Qatar 04 June 15
România 29 May 15
Россия | Russia 04 June 15
Srbija | Crna Gora | Serbia & Montenegro 04 June 15
Slovakia 28 May 15
Slovenija | Slovenia 04 June 15
España | Spain 17 July 15
Sverige | Sweden 05 June 15
Switz – French 27 May 15
Switz – German 28 May 15
Türkiye | Turkey 11 September 15
Ukraine 04 June 15
United Kingdom 05 June 15
Ireland 05 June 15


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