In an era of anemic star power, Melissa McCarthy has defied the trend by consistently packing a box office jab.

Spy released today and there’s a something more special about Melissa McCarthy as an actor and a comedian. Even when Melissa McCarthy plays role likes of Tammy and Identity Thief audiences show up in droves as critics scowl in disgust, hoping to see more from an actor many agree is more talented than merely playing an overweight lady character that falls down with bike and spouts vulgarity for laughs.

Melissa McCarthy’s in spy
Melissa McCarthy’s in spy

This, however, has been the evolutionary “want” for McCarthy, who made us howl with laughter in Bridesmaids all the way to an Oscar nomination, but hasn’t really evolved since, outside of her solid, but brief appearance in the under-appreciated St. Vincent.

This world class comedienne has once again flexed those muscles this Friday when “Spy,” a critically adored send-up of the espionage, action and comedy genre, debuts to roughly $35 million across approximately 3,650 theaters. That debut should be enough to push “Spy” past another star-driven vehicle.

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson’s “San Andreas,” which should bring in $26 million after snagging first place at the box office last weekend with a smashing $54.6 million bow.

“Spy” reunites Melissa McCarthy with her “Bridesmaids” and “The Heat” director Paul Feig and co-stars Rose Byrne, Jude Law and Jason Statham.

Both of Melissa McCarthy’s and director Paul Feig collaborations were big summer hits, and the actress was even able to push the mediocre “Tammy” to more than $100 million globally.

Fox has released this $65 million budget Melissa McCarthy’s starrer movie “Spy,” and Chernin Entertainment produced the story of a hapless CIA agent who finds herself abandoning her desk job for a chance to track terrorists across Europe. There is no matter what the final number is come Monday, the studio thinks “Spy” will benefit from strong word of mouth and its 95% “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, 75% “current” reviews on Metacritic, 3 out of 4 on Roger Ebert and 7.5 out of 10 on IMDb.

spy reviews 2015 film

On the opposite end of the spectrum, “Entourage” proved to be reviews proof after kicking off to a surprisingly robust $2 million latenight debut on Tuesday. The bros in the Hollywood multiplex continuation of the HBO series have been target practice for film critics, who have relished in throwing shade at the ongoing saga of Vinnie Chase’s charmed life in Tinsel town.

‘Spy’ Box Office Collection:

Domestic Collection
1st Week / Opening weekend collection
Spy first day (Friday) Collection $19 millions
Spy second day (Saturday) Collection $21.5 million (Expected)
Spy third day (Sunday) Collection $ 25 million (Expected)
Total $ 65.5 millions


Worldwide collection
1st Week / Opening weekend collection
Spy first day (Friday) Collection $ 33 millions
Spy second day (Saturday) Collection $ 35.5 million (expected)
Spy third day (Sunday) Collection $ 37 million (expected)
Total $ 105.5 million (expected)

Total earning of Spy first week box office collection: $ 171. 5 million (predict)



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