In one of the deadliest attack on military personals, 20 soldiers were killed in Manipur on Thursday. The Union Government has asked the army to trace and eliminate the insurgents involved in the attack but the intelligence sources fear the militants may have already crossed a porous border to hideouts in Myanmar, a trek of at least four hours through thick forests. The army has launched a massive combing operation involving hundreds of soldiers on foot with support of helicopters in the remote mountainous forests close to Myanmar.

In North East, the militants have been raising their heads from time to time in the past also. There are a number of active militant groups in the North East region of India. Here News.Yuvayana lists 7 militant outfits that are giving authorities in the northeast a tough time.

Seven Militant groups in North East
Seven Militant groups in North East
  1. United liberation front of Asom-Independent (Assam):

It is active in Assam and is led by PareshBaruah. ULFA-1 is a shadow of the original outfit formed on 7 April 1979.ULFA -1 was formed in April 2013 after Baruah refused to soft-pedal the issue of sovereignty of Assam unlike Chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa and almost all other top leader on peace mode. It has only 150-200 fighters, mostly new recruits, based in Myanmar but the group has avoided confrontation with security forces.

Ufla-1’s tendency has been to claim the subversive strikes by other outfits as having been planned by the united national liberation front of the united national liberation front of western south East Asia.

  1. National Socialist Council of Nagaland-khaplang (Nagaland, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh)

It is headed by SS Khaplang, a Naga based in Myanmar. It abrogated ceasefire on March 27 after 14 year of signing it.

  1. National Democratic Front of Bodoland-Sangbijit (Assam)

It is a breakaway faction of the NDFB, which declared ceasefire in May 2005. NDFB-S orchestrated the killing of more than 100 Bengalis-speaking Muslims in 2012 and massacred more than 70 Adivasis in December last year.

  1. Garo National Liberation Army (Meghalaya)

It is a militant group formed by a former police officer. It was organized by R. Sangama in 2009 for creation of a sovereign country of the Garo tribe of Meghalaya. It is involved in extortion and kidnapping. It has killed 10 cops in recent months.

  1. Hmar People’s Convention-Democracy (Assam, Manipur and Mizoram)

HPCD is the breakaway faction of HPC and was formed to fight for an independent state for Hmar tribe living in Mizoram, Manipur and Assam.

  1. People’s Liberation Army (Manipur)

Formed in 1978, PLA has a self-styled government-in-exile in Bangladesh besides camps in Myanmar; it also contacts with Pakistan’s ISI. It is involved in attacks on armed forces besides running an extortion racket.

  1. United National Liberation Front (Manipur)

It is oldest Manipur Based outfit and was formed in 1964. It is on the back foot after the arrest of its Chairman RajkumarMeghna from Bihar in 2010; It has in recent times ambushed armed forces in Ukhrul district.

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