OnePlus announced in its official forum that the latest smartphone operating system Android 5.1-based OxygenOS will be debut alongside the hotly anticipated OnePlus 2.

Smartphone newcomer OnePlus has a new phone in the works, which is being referred to as the OnePlus Two. First discussed in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) Reddit session, the OnePlus Two is likely to remain good value for money while still offering high-end specifications.

The manufacturer company has also hinted at the possibility of a wearable device being released in the near future, and new reports are talking about a OnePlus 2 Lite smartphone.

OnePlus OxygenOS image
OnePlus OxygenOS image

The Chinese manufacturer is hard at work on the successor of the legendary OnePlus One at the moment and present has been the source of rumors and speculation for quite some time now. A lot is already known about the upcoming device, which is said to come in third quarter of this year, but, nothing was really made official by its creators.

Now, the OnePlus team has confirmed, without a doubt, that their next smartphone operating system Android 5.1-based OxygenOS will be called the OnePlus 2.

This was done by launching a couple of new promotions for the upcoming handset. Both offer smartphone fans the chance to win a unique and amazing experience – an early preview of the OnePlus 2.

OxygenOS arrived on the OnePlus One back in April – the currently available build of the custom ROM is based on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop smartphone operating systems. The manufacturer company promises to increase the speed of its updates once OnePlus 2 debuts. OxygenOS will then be the company’s only ROM.

A CM12.1 ROM based on Android 5.1 Lollipop OS will arrive soon for the OnePlus One. The Chinese manufacturer company has a preview build currently in testing.

Furthermore, OnePlus will soon release a fix for the One’s touchscreen smartphone issues. Both OxygenOS and CM devices will receive the patch.

All this sounds terribly exciting and very nice promotion indeed. OnePlus has definitely proved itself capable of conducting successful Guerrilla marketing and the launch of the OnePlus 2 is shaping up to be a major testament to this central company strategy.

The competitions rules do also mention that there will be a third lucky OnePlus fan to join the lucky contest winners. We are yet to find out how the selection process will be carried out for the third spot, but, it is sure to be just as exciting.

OnePlus 2 was confirmed earlier today. The launching device is expected to debut in Quarter-3 (Q3) of this year.



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