Modi is in top 10 criminals on Google image Search and this becoming viral. People are checking again and again to see this is true or not. But this is true, If you search top 10 criminals then in Google’s image search you can see many pictures of Indian Prime Ministers Narendra Modi. Currently these Pictures are hot topic because many people giving their comment. Some people saying that where is Osama bin laden, ISIS etc and some people are saying that google shows the reality.

But do you know how Google Search works and why PM Modi’s pictures is showing in the top 10 list of criminals ? If you don’t know then here we are giving you a clear view about the Giant search engine of world Google.

How Google Works ?

Every website has some kind of reputation in Google Search. Google prefer to give the exact keyword that you search from the all website but from tons of website first it choose the most reputed websites from all around the internet. Website owners have to provide an alt tag and description for all images, Now imagine in the image below we are giving an alt tag ” Modi in top 10 criminals on Google image search” and some description like” Google is showing picture of narendra Modi in the top 10 criminals” then it may also appear in Google search after some time.

Modi is in top 10 criminals on Google
Modi is in top 10 criminals on Google

Is it Fault of Google ?

No, Technically this is not a fault of Google search or their algorithms. Because Google search algorithms works on some factors as stated above.

So this is not a big thing if image appearing in Google search, because the article related to that image may be different. So if you are going to declare India’s PM Narendra Modi a criminal then first click on those images and read the full article in which they are attached.

Still it is a controversial issue and may be many un educated politician will take it seriously and start passing the comments like PutraJeevak Beej.



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