New Delhi: International Yoga Day (IDY), 21 June- The United Nations has declared today as the International Yoga Day (IYD) which is celebrities worldwide. As many as 192 countries will be ushering this day with some deep breathing and coordinated movements.

Last year, United Nations General Assembly, accepting proposal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s about holding an international yoga day, declared June 21 International Yoga Day, recognising as the ancient Indian science’s “holistic approach to health and well-being.”

The Hindu presents day-long coverage to this event from across the country and selects foreign nations. Here we are presenting 10 facts you should know about international yoga day (IYD) and how India is gearing up to make IYD a new world record.

  1. PM Narendra Modi’s International Yoga Day (IYD) to begin at 6.40AM on Sunday
PM Modi and Baba ram dev International yoga day
PM Modi and Baba ram dev International yoga day

The biggest gathering will be at the majestic Rajpath in the Delhi. Prime Minister Narenda Modi will arrive at 6.40AM, to participate in the first official International Yoga Day (IYD) celebration.

At this moment around 37,000 (thirty thousand) people are expected to join the function on both sides of Rajpath under 10,000 (ten thousand) high alert security policy force, giving the government the confidence to apply to the Guinness World Records for claiming the record for “Largest Yoga Demonstration at a single venue.”

  1. Stamp on International Yoga Day
Stamp on International Yoga Day
Stamp on International Yoga Day

On the celebration of IYD the government will release postage stamps to commemorate the occasion.

  1. Cabinet ministers will fan out across India to participate in IYD
Cabinet ministers will fan out across India to participate in IYD
Cabinet ministers will fan out across India to participate in IYD

With the international yoga day exercise programme being held at different places simultaneously across the India, Cabinet ministers will also fan out across the country to participate in the 35-minute drill.

Nitin Gadkari along with Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis would be in Nagpur, urban development minister Venkaiah Naidu will be in Chennai and food minister Ram Vilas Paswan in Patna.

Agriculture minister Radhamohan Singh will in Motihari, in Bihar, oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan in Bhuvaneshwar and health minister JP Nadda will be in Hyderabad.

  1. Exhibit asanas of Baba Ramdev
Baba Ramdev to exhibit asanas
Baba Ramdev to exhibit asanas

Four experts, including Baba Ramdev, will be present at Rajpath to exhibit asanas, which will be projected through 28 big screens on Rajpath, Delhi.

Around 80-100 foreigners from around 50 countries are also expected to take part in this world class international yoga day exercises event.

A 1,400 meter stretch on Rajpath will have 37,000 yoga mats laid out for the participants, many of whom will be government officers and staff.

  1. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is PM’s pick for Yoga at UN
Susma Swaraj in UN at international yoga day
Susma Swaraj in UN at international yoga day

Indian external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj will be in New York to lead the IYD event celebrations at the United Nation on June 21.

Sushma Swaraj and Sri Sri Ravishankar will attend the function at UNO Hall in New York between 11.00am and 12.00pm.

  1. Taking yoga to the skies!
Taking yoga to the skies
Taking yoga to the skies

In keeping with the yogic philosophy of elevating the mind, SpiceJet, for instance, is teaming up with Isha Foundation to launch “High on Yoga at 35000 feet” on Sunday.

The airline crew and yoga instructors will perform ‘Upa Yoga’ (a simple yet powerful style of yoga that activates the joints, muscles and energy system and incorporates pranayams) in a routine designed specifically to be done in-flight.

  1. Delhi to celebrate ‘Yoga Parv’ event
Delhi to celebrate 'Yoga Parv'
Delhi to celebrate ‘Yoga Parv’

Capital will also celebrate ‘Yoga Parv’ event with art exhibitions, dance and music performances, as well as theatre shows and events like talks, meditation sessions and yoga workshops held across venues from June 21 to June 27.

  1. Delhi Metro to start early for International Yoga Day
delhi metro
Delhi metro

For the capital citizen yoga day celebration Delhi Metro operations would start at the crack of dawn with the first train scheduled to leave all terminal stations at 4AM early morning.

Special arrangement for ticketing will be done at Kashmere Gate and Chandni Chowk stations in view of the anticipated crowd at these stations.

At all the stations in the vicinity of Rajpath such as Race Course, Patel Chowk, Central Secretariat and Udyog Bhawan, special arrangements for ticketing will be available.



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