The deep depression in the Arabian Sea has developed into a cyclonic storm. It is named as Ashobaaby Sri Lanka and is expected to further develop into a “super cyclonic storm” in next 12-24 hours.

The deep depression over east-central Arabian Sea has moved north-northwestwards during past 6 hours and intensified further into a cyclonic storm (ASHOBAA), and lay centered at 08:30 hours of June 8, 2015 nearly 590 km west-southwest of Mumbai, 470 km southwest of Veraval and 960 km east-southeast of Masirah Island (Oman).

cyclone Ashobaa images wallpaper
cyclone Ashobaa images wallpaper

India Meteorological Department has said that it would move initially north-northwestwards and intensify further into a severe cyclonic storm during next 24 hours. However, the landfall may not take place in India, said a senior IMD official. “We are monitoring the cyclonic storm. We will be able to predict the landfall as it intensifies further,” the official added.

Under the influence of this cyclonic system, rainfall would occur at most places with isolated heavy falls over coastal Karnataka, Konkan and Goa and south Gujarat during the next 12 hours.IMD has further added that Strong winds speed reaching 70-80 kmph gusting to 90 kmph would prevail along and off Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra coasts during next 24 hours and 90-100 kmph gusting to 120 kmph during subsequent 12 hours. Sea condition would be very rough to high along and off Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra coasts during the next 24-36 hours.

How Cyclones are named?

The North Indian Ocean region tropical cyclones are being named since October 2004. Tropical cyclones are named to provide easy communication between forecasters and the general public regarding forecasts, watches, and warnings. Since the storms can often last a week or longer and that more than one can be occurring in the same basin at the same time, names can reduce the confusion about what storm is being described.

The North Indian Ocean region, comprising Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Thailand, suggest seven names each. They are used one after another.The last cyclone was called Nilofer, a name suggested by Pakistan. The current cyclone is named Ashobaa, a name given by Sri Lanka. Next cyclone will be Komen, as suggested by Thailand.

Indian coast is hit by two branches of cyclonic storms. One is Bay of Bengal branch, the other one is Arabian Sea branch. Arabian Sea cyclones are less intense as compared to those of developed in Bay of Bengal. Bay of Bengal branch cyclones have devastating effects on the east coastal regions of India.Last year cyclone Hudhud had hit entire eastern coast of India including Vishakhapatnam and other coastal cities. It had devastating effects on the daily life of people living in east coast cities. Cyclone Ashobaa is expected to not have serious impact on the daily life of the people and cause minimum disturbances and losses.



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