Bezubaan Ishq is a Bollywood upcoming romantic love genre movie of the year 2015. The film is directed by Jashwant Gangani and produced by C.J. Gadara and Dinesh Likhiya. This movie star Mugdha Godse, Sneha Ullal and Nishant in lead roles and Darshan Jariwala, Farida Jalal, Sachin Khedekar, Muni Jha, Smita Jaykar, Alexandra Ashman, Akshita Sethi, Soniya Mehta, Rittesh Mobh, Aru Krishansh Verma are in supporting role. Music directors Babli Haque and Rupesh Verma, will be composing the music for the film. The film is slated for a release on June 26, 2015.

Bezubaan Ishq poster
Bezubaan Ishq poster
Movie Title: Bezubaan Ishq
Cast/Starring: Sneha Ullal (Rumzum), Nishant (Swagat), Mugdha Godse (Suhani), Darshan Jariwala (Rashmikant Patel), Farida Jalal (Savitri), Sachin Khedekar (Manshuk Patel), Muni Jha (Vipul Shah), Smita Jaykar (Laxmi Shah), Alexandra Ashman (Liza), Akshita Sethi (Jassi), Soniya Mehta (Ananya), Rittesh Mobh (Pintu), Aru Krishansh Verma (Parbat)
Directed By: Jashwant Gangani
Genre: Love/ Romance Drama
Produced by: Jashwant Gangani, C.J.Gadara, Dinesh Likhiya
Production company: Gangani Motion Pictures
Publicity Pro: NR2 – The Image Engineers, Neelam Gupta
Written by: Jashwant Gangani
Screenplay by:            Jashwant Gangani, Sanjay V. Shah
Edited by: Paresh Y. Manjrekar
Cinematography: S.Kuumar Bhagat
Singer: Javed Ali, Arpita Chakraborty, Mohit Chauhan, Parineeta, Shalmali Kholgade, Altamash Faridi, Shreya Ghoshal, Tochi Raina, Anita Bhatt, Osman Mir
Music composed by: Rupesh Verma, Babli Haque
Initially Releasing date: 26 June 2015
Country: India
Running time: 128 minutes (2 hrs. 8 min.)
Language: Hindi
Shooting Location: Jaipur, Jaislmer, Rajasthan, India
Rating: N/A

Bezubaan Ishq movie story:

Bezubaan Ishq is a beautiful love triangle, romantic and a musical drama movie. It is spiced with breathtaking cinematography and heart touching lyrical love songs.

Bezubaan Ishq is the story of Rumzum (Sneha Ullal), Swagat (Nishant), Suhani (Mugdha Godse) creating a contemporary love triangle with traditional values.

Suhani is a new generation modern Mumbai girl, suffers from Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) that leads to unreasonable and uncontrollable rage. She is in love with Swaagat, who is son of her father’s business partner and his friend too. She calms down when with Swaagat. Looking at Suhani and Swaagat’s proximity and caring nature for each other, their parents realize to build this business relation in to family relations and announce their engagement. Suhani is ecstatic while Swaagat accepts this proposal only to fulfill his parent’s wish.

For the engagement Suhani’s father Rashmikant’s elder brother Mansukh arrives with his NRI wife and very traditional Indian daughter Rumzum.

The twist of the movie comes when before engagement ceremony; Swaagat, Suhani and Rumzum along with their friends go for a fun trip to India’s beautiful place Rajasthan. During the trip love blossoms in between Swaagat and Suhani’s cousin Rumzum. Although, they both are well aware that it is wrong to fall in love because Swaagat is already engaged to Suhani, their proximity rises with each passing day. And during one fateful day, Suhani witnesses all this blossoms of love in between them. Enraged, Suhani attempts suicide. Swaagat and Rumzum decide to maintain their distance.

Will Swaagat marry Suhani and live happily there after? Will Rumzum find her true love in Swaagat? Director Jashwant Gangani’s upcoming movie Bezubaan Ishq unravels the beautiful story of unspoken love and true sacrifice with realistic characters.

Watch online Bezubaan Ishq full movie official Trailer in HD:

Here is official trailer of Bezubaan Ishq in HD format.

Bezubaan Ishq | Official Trailer | Mugdha Godse | Nishant | Sneha Ullal

Bezubaan Ishq movie songs/ soundtracks:

The music for the film Bezubaan Ishq is composed by Rupesh Verma & Babli Haque. The soundtrack of the film comprises seven songs & lyrics are penned by Jashwant Gangani & Prashant Ingole (Party Song). Below list gives the details of all songs of Bezubaan Ishq with sings.

No. Title Singer(s) Length
1. “Bezubaan Ishq” Javed Ali & Arpita Chakraborty
2. “Ankhon Mein Basa Lunga” Mohit Chauhan & Parineeta
3. “Har Lamha Kar Party” Shalmali Kholgade
4. “Teri Masumiyat” Altamash Faridi
5. “Teri Meri Ankahi Dastan” Mohit Chauhan & Shreya Ghoshal
6. “Dil Parinda” Tochi Raina & Anita Bhatt
7. “Bhor Bhayo” Osman Mir
8. “Dil Parinda (Unplugged)” Tochi Raina
Total length: o

Bezubaan Ishq Hindi movie releasing date worldwide:

Sneha Ullal, Nishant and Mugdha Godse upcoming love triangle movie directed by Jashwant Gangani scheduled to be released on June 26, 2015.



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