Apple iPhone 6s release date: Yes, it’s a big news for the Apple iPhone lover who are eagerly awaiting for iPhone 6S. In the last year September 2014, when Apple had launched its rich featured with best ever functionality Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus they stir panic in smartphone market globally. Before few months ago Apple announces its newest iPhones that will enhance the quality and functionality of existing Apple iPhone 6.

Apple officially announced that the company will decided to launch Apple iPhone 6s which will be the addition version in the Apple iPhone 6 smartphone reported in couple of month ago. Now a fresh leak about the Apple iPhone upcoming phone of the year 2015 may reveal the company’s specific launch plans. The leak, allegedly courtesy of U.K. carrier Vodafone, reveals the upcoming smartphone will hit stores on September 25. We have no indication this information is legitimate, so take it at face value.

Although, the company hasn’t even made iOS 9 official yet, and here we are talking about the launch date of the next iPhone.

apple iPhone 6s images wallpaper
apple iPhone 6s images wallpaper

As the continuous reports comes related to Apple iPhone, this year Apple is expected to bring us an “s” version of Apple iPhone 6 release, which has so far been rumored to sport a higher-res 12 MP camera and 2GB of RAM, among other improvements.

Yet if you’ve been anxiously wondering exactly when you’ll be able to walk into your friendly neighborhood Apple store and purchase an iPhone 6s, wonder no more. According to an alleged internal email sent to British tech blog Mobile News, the device will be available for pre-order starting on September 18. A week later it should be available in stores. The leak apparently refers to the device as the “new iPhone.”

It may be possible that means Apple may be shifting away from its traditional numbered naming scheme, though it’s just as likely Vodafone simply doesn’t know what it will officially be called.

Rumour has that Apple is ready now to release two new models later this year, offering up an Apple iPhone 6s and an Apple iPhone 6s Plus. Both options should feature similar designs, but may offer upgraded hardware and specs. That could include high quality cameras, quite sharper displays, large memory RAM, a new processor and Force Touch. Apple may also offer a Rose Gold color option this time around.

As for the software of Apple iPhone 6s, we’re expecting to get a first official look at iOS v9 next week during WWDC 2015. Unfortunately it could be a while before the new edition of iPhones are revealed. Apple typically waits until September to show its latest handsets Apple iPhone 6s and an Apple iPhone 6s Plus, and it doesn’t seem like that will be changing anytime soon.

One thing is clear: it’s a Friday, and Apple has traditionally launched its iPhones on Fridays, for what it’s worth.

Don’t forget to check back on Monday for tons of live coverage from Apple’s WWDC keynote. For now you can also see some of our favorite iPhone concept designs in the gallery below.

We don’t get any sort of confirmation about the launch of a bigger Apple iPhone 6s Plus alongside that “new iPhone”, but that may come in time. We’re still more than three months away, after all.



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