As the BJP celebrates its first anniversary in office at the Center, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today told United News of India (UNI) that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA)  government has managed to usher in ‘acche din‘ (good days) in the India, making a strong pitch for ensuring the rights of all communities.

Acche Din Are Here', Says Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Acche Din Are Here’, Says Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an interview United News of India (UNI)

The PM Modi also sending a tough message in his interview, “Hate speeches and discrimination against any community won’t be tolerated”.

“Our Constitution guarantees religious freedom to every citizen and that is not negotiable,” Modi added against the backdrop of controversies over religious conversions (ghar-wapsi) and attacks on minority communities hogging the headlines.

“Acche din aak chuke hain (good days are here),” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured, harping on his Lok Sabha election slogan.

Taking a dig at the Congress that has been critical of his government’s performance, PM Modi said the party should feel “ashamed over its deeds in the past 10 years”.

Reacting to the criticism he faced for taking on his domestic political rivals on foreign soil, the PM asked, “Does the Congress think that the world outside does not know about scams?

The PM also termed the criticism of his land bill as ‘Politically Motivated and said, “the bill focuses will benefit the farmers.”

Earlier in an interview to PTI, Modi had said, “Every day was a new bad day and there were new scandals. People were furious. Today, after a year, even our opponents have not accused us of bad actions.  You tell me, if there is not a single scandal, is this is not Achche Din?

Few days ago, hitting out at opposition, in an interview to news agency ANI, PM Modi said, “Suit-boot is definitely more acceptable than suitcase. After ruling for 60 years, the Congress has suddenly remembered the poor.”

Modi further added, “People of this country have suffered and remained poor due to short-sighted policies of the Congress. The result of Congress’ politics and governance of sixty years is that poverty is still our biggest challenge.”

In an interview to The Tribune, the PM Modi took a dig at Congress saying that “the party was politicizing the issue of one-rank-one-pension (OROP) and have no right to speak on it.”

“Jawans (Soldiers) have been demanding OROP for 57 years but the past governments did nothing when they were in power,” Modi added in his interview.

The main points that are mention in the interview by Prime Minister Modi;

  1. Criticism of land bill is politically motivated.
  2. Land bill focuses on benefiting farmers.
  3. Government has succeeded in ushering in ‘acche din’.
  4. Discrimination against any community won’t be tolerated.
  5. Hate speeches will not be tolerated.


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