Remo D’ Souza directed Indian Big Dance Movie ABCD 2, today released, ABCD 2 justifies the true meaning of this amazing performing art with a single impetus sentence in the movie, “Dance to Express, not to impress”.

ABCD 2 sounds uncharitable, but in this movie are some common threads like last year Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s Starrer Happy New Year. Both these movies show that the lead characters of the movie travelling to foreign straight from the streets of Mumbai to win a world class dance championship. Both SRK (HNY)and Varun’s (ABCD 2) teams are ridiculed for being cheaters and both films have their own versions of the famous 70-minute monologue from the movie Chak De India.


It is very luckily for audiences, the similarities between these two films end here. The big difference between these two movies is that if HNY was a torture for the dance lovers while ABCD 2 is a film, Bollywood can be proud of producing any time. ABCD 2 is a treat of dance performances that will leave you mighty impressed.

As we all know that ABCD 2 is the first dance film of Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan and actress Shraddha Kapoor’s. This is the sequel of ABCD one of the first dance movie in Indian film industry. This time it is directed by India most talented choreographer Remo D’ Souza and who would know better than him about its addiction. The franchisee that he commenced is craving to be explored and Remo does so by instilling more energy with his latest offering.

The second installment of ABCD franchisee is refined, bigger, much better and articulate. Director Remo presents the struggles of Suresh (Varun Dhawan) and his quest to conquer the World Hip-Hop championship trophy. Suresh is a character belongs to Mumbai suburb and his one of the dreams to fulfill his mother’s one and only aim in life. In his troupe, he has with his love Vinnie (Shraddha Kapoor), his mentor Vishnu Sir (Prabhu Dev) alongwith other superb talented dance freaks.

In Bollywood very rare movies that are fully featured by only dance and their promotion with big stars but whenever it’s conceptualized, it creates an aura and excitement like no other flick. Dance lovers are eagerly waited for this movie and we too. Today wait is over and ABCD 2 hit the big screen with Bollywood new big raising stars Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor’s with ultimate energy and amazing moves king Bollywood dancing star Prabhu Dev.

ABCD 2 is the journey of Suresh from the beginning until he ends up holding that shimmery trophy carries intensity, thrill and excitement. Director Remo’s film shows Suresh (Varun’s) team being booed for plagiarism during a dance competition for a local TV channel. But the way the public reacts is way too kid dish-

  • A man insists on getting free pizzas on delivery because the man who delivers them was part of the ‘cheaters’ group;
  • A woman tells Shraddha in a parlor (Hair Salon) that she can copy wonderfully so she should give her a haircut similar to a Bollywood heroine

That was too much kiddish thing in the film.

Prabhu deva enters the scene in his trademark style and amazing dance moves, ups the quotient with the introductory nice part of the movie. Thankfully, director Remo indulges in dance sequences and gives ample screen time to all the dancers. Therefore we get to watch all other characters in the movie from Dharmesh to Punit Pathak and more flaunting their moves with equal finesse and expertise as the lead characters.

ABCD 2 is, without any doubt, about mesmerizing dance sequences and its equally impressive dancers and one feet ahead to promote Indian dance talent world-wide as series of Step UP Hollywood one of the highly famous dance movie.

Although, ABCD 2 is highly waiting by Indian and foreign Dance lovers. Its first day first show response by the audience is very good and this movie is highly appreciated by movie expertise and film analyzers. The first day box office business of the movies is outstanding and it is successful to attract audiences to bring them big screens;

Here we are presenting the box office collection of the ABCD 2 check it out;

ABCD 2 Box Office Collection Prediction:

Domestic Collection
1st Week / Opening weekend collection
First day Friday Collection  10-13 crore
Second day Saturday Collection  9-12 crore
Third day Sunday Collection  15 crore
Total  28-30 Crore expected 

Total earning of (Movie name) Till date: 13 crore (expected)



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