A radioactive leak has been detected in the cargo area at India’s capital Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi this morning, as India reported. Home Minister Rajnath Singh said the leak has been contained. Radioactive material was spotted onboard a flight from Turkey.

IGI airport new delhi radioactive leak
IGI airport new delhi radioactive leak

Officials have underline that there is no need for stir and panic. This contingent has not affected any airport operations.

An anti-sabotage team from India’s National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has arrived at the IGI Airport.

As per the report comes from the scene, “A radioactive substance came from Istanbul for Fortis Hospital whose authorities have been called,” an NDRF representative said as cited by the Times of India.

“They said the consignment of sodium iodine from Turkey meant for a private hospital, had leaked in a small area of the cargo hold and was quickly isolated. The area has been cordoned off and a team of the National Disaster Response Force or NDRF is at the spot” he added.

Some atomic energy experts are on their way to India’s capital Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi for investigation and confirmation of all secure situations.

Now the source of radioactivity turned out from the IGI Airport safely to be a container with medical equipment.

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