Today Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed nation people through his flagship programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’ over live radio program at 11 AM.

This is the eight (8th) edition of his live radio programme “Mann ki Baat” to address in people and he shares his thoughts with the people.

Before start the program there is no clue about the today topic about PM Modi program “Maan Ki Baat”. But when PM Narendra Modi start his motivational and attractive speech it was incredible.

Today PM modi focus on the different culture and many different regional festival of India. He focused on incredible India, especially on the culture and nature of different region of India.

“We have to know about our nation culture, nature and all regional rituals” said by PM Modi.

“If we have no time to travel there to know and feel that, then we have to read the books and watch documentaries that define the unity of incredible India” he added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked to the nation people if you visited to the Himalaya and/or some incredible Indian places, what difference you feel, what you know about that?

“Shear you experience with me with your snaps and your experience about that” PM Modi added.

For more information listen Prime Minister Narendra Modi live 25 min. speech click here

PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat, May 2015

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi every month address to nation people through his flagship programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’.  In his previous seven ‘Maan Ki baat’ programs the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken several points and issues that are shown his dedication and devotement about his nation. The list of previous PM Modi ‘Maan ki baat’ Programs on a range of issues including his ambitious Swacch Bharat Abiyan or Clean India campaign, skill development, Scholarship Program for disabled children, promotion of khadi, infrastructure for educational institutions, the menace of drugs and issues related to farmers and today he added with making incredible India.

This program surely makes motivation and ambition in nation peoples, especially Indian youth. Now a day Prime Minister Narendra Modi becomes a role model for Indian youth.



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