The world has witnessed the greatest moment of Boxing in the recent history. In the most anticipated boxing fight in years, colorful American Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr has beaten the Filipino icon Manny Pacquiao in MGM grand of Las Vegas, America.

Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Pacquiao
Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Pacquiao

It was not just a Match of Boxing, it was Asia versus America, offence versus defence and Best versus Best. Big titles such as WBA, WBC and WBO were at stake. It was the clash of the titans in which both the Boxing legend claimed to be the best. As expected the fight turned out to be a classic matchup of boxing styles. Both the players fought vindicating their reputation, It was the American star that finally won the $ 1 million WBC title. That means, Mayweather  maintained his unbeaten record. There would have always been a question mark hanging over Mayweather’s career if he never clashed with his great Filipino rival.

About the Players:

It’s also an intriguing clash of styles between two disparate individuals. Southpaw Pacquiao, 36, is a god-fearing two-term Congressman who rose from poverty to become a national icon. He aims to run for president in the chaotic and fragmented Philippines, where streets will be empty on Sunday morning as a nation cheers its “National Fist”. A politician, philanthropist, recording artist and action movie star, Pacquiao is a national hero in his homeland where his image has featured on a postage stamp and video games.

Mayweather, 38, touts his status as a money-making machine and comes from a troubled past that includes jail time for domestic violence. Considered one of the best defensive fighters of all-time, Mayweather is crafty with a superior ring intelligence that has allowed him to survive nearly two decades in the ring by avoiding danger.

Mayweather Vs Pacquiao round-by-round

This classical fight was fought in the MGM Grand of Las Vegas in America on Saturday 3rd May 2015 in the evening 9 pm as per local US time.

In the first round, both fighters moved aggressively to the center of the ring to start their long—awaited fight. Manny Pacquiao looked to land early body shots, but Floyd Mayweather Jr. slipped away. Mayweather landed a solid counter right to the body in the final minute. Mayweather took a lead by 10-9 in the first round of this encounter which he maintained right till the end.

Maywaether won the first three rounds by 10-9 score each time. At the end of three rounds the score was 30-27. He dominated over Filipino southpaw in the first quarter of the 12 round encounter.

Living upto his reputation Manny Pacquiao made a strong comeback in the next rounds. He won the fourth round by 9-10. Then fifth round was won by Floyd Mayweather making the score 49-46 after 5 rounds. In the sixth round Pacquiao made a comeback once again and it was even stronger than the previous one. He won the 6th round mitigating the gap between the overall score after 6 rounds to only 2. Score was 58-56 at the end of the first half of this thrilling clash between two legends.

Mayweather Vs Pacquiao
Mayweather Vs Pacquiao

The intensity of this encounter could be judged from the fact that Floyd Mayweather got scolded by his father and trainer in the corner after the completion of 6 rounds, Even though he was leading the overall score.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. became the pursuer to open the seventh round, stalking Manny Pacquiao back to the ropes. Mayweather used a double jab and a right hand to keep Pacquiao guessing. Pacquiao lunged forward to throw combinations, but Mayweather was already gone. Manny Pacquiao won the seventh round by 9-10 reducing the difference to only one.

But the American Boxer made a strong comeback to win the next 4 consecutive rounds to take an unbeatable lead till the end of the eleventh round. With a difference of 5 points before the final round of this Fight of the century, Mayweather took an unbeatable lead. It became clear now who was going to win the $1 million title.  Pacquiao was aggressive and effective but American star has all the right answers to the question posed by this Filipino rival. There were rounds of stalking by Manny Pacquiao and superb defense from Floyd Mayweather Jr., who landed just enough jabs and counterpunches to keep the Filipino congressman frustrated.

Before the final round of the most anticipated fight in years, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao hugged in the center of the ring. Then they shoved each other away and went back to work. Pacquiao continued to storm forward, but Mayweather showed off athleticism with one last fleet—footed display.

Both fighters raised their gloves at the bell, and Mayweather jumped on the ring ropes.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. preserved his unbeaten record as a professional with a unanimous decision victory.

Mayweather Vs Pacquiao images
Mayweather Vs Pacquiao images

No doubt it was the most thrilling encounter for the lovers of Boxing across the globe. It had aggression, athleticism, strong punches and counter punches, superb defence and what not for the fans of the boxing. It had everything. At the end there has to only one winner and it was Floyd Mayweather, the American superstar who triumphed the belt.



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