‘Madmast Barkhaa’ is Leena Kapoor and Ekaansh Bhaardwaaj starrer upcoming Hindi Bollywood movie. Director Jaspal Singh put full of romantic drama, suspense and thriller in his upcoming movie Madmast Bharkhaa. Madmast bharkha movie’s story written by Sundip Rale and produced by Jaspal Singh under Singh Multimedia Creation banner. The film is set to release on 22 May 2015 in India.

Movie Preview|Trailer|Story|Box Office Collection

Leena Kapoor upcoming Madmast Barkhaa movie wallpaper
Leena Kapoor upcoming Madmast Barkhaa movie wallpaper
Cast/Starring: Ekaansh Bhaardwaaj (Akaash)Leena Kapoor (Barkhaa)Ashish Joshi (Ranbir)

Zoya Rathore (Neetu)

Mushtaq Khan

Mithilesh Chaturvedi

Farida Dadi

Direction: Jaspal Singh
Genre: Suspense/ Thriller/ Romantic Drama
Produced by: Jaspal Singh
Production company: Singh Multimedia Creation
Story Written by: Sundip Rale
Edited by: Dharam Soni
Cinematography: Pramod Pandey
Singer: Khushboo VatsalyaSaket BairoliyaJayant Aryan

Shweta Tiwari

Music composed by: Raj Verma
Screenplay: Sundip Rale
Initially Releasing date: May 29, 2015 (India)
Running time: 115 minutes (1 Hours, 55 Minutes)
Language: Hindi
Rating: N/A

Love, romantic drama, betrayal, sensuality, jealousy, suspense, murder, Thriller all these spices and flavor put in movie Madmast Barkhaa directed/produced by Jaspal Singh. Madmast Barkhaa is one of those low-budget movies in Bollywood film industry, normally known for their sensual stories. But the suspense and thriller of these low budget movies be good. The actual potential of acting and the ability to playing these tuff roles by new actors and actresses proves by these types of low budget movies.


Madmast Barkhaa movie preview:

Madmast Barkhaa is the debut movie for new actor in Bollywood film industry Ekaansh Bhaardwaaj. We already see Ekaansh as an anchor in news channels to cover national news. Ekaansh did one video with Bollywood actress Gracy Singh. And now he is ready to show his acting ability to his fans with his debut movie Madmast Bharkhaa with Leena Kapoor.

It’s a debut movie of Ekaansh Bhardwaaj so excitement and expectation with this new hero more by his fans. No doubt Leena kapoor sexy and glamours look compile audience to watch its new movie Madmast Barkhaa. Audience expectations are more with this actress too.


Madmast Barkhaa movie story:

The main story of Madmast Barkhaa hindi movie revolves around Leena kapoor (Barkhaa). Leena Kapoor plays the role of newly married housewife to an army man named Ashish Joshi (Ranbir). Due to some emergency calls from their regiment and he has to leave urgently leaving barkhaa all alone. Due to her lonely, passionless married life, she begins an affair with her husband’s friend named Ekaansh Bhaardwaaj (Akaash).  The movie runs without tension till no one knows about their affair. Twist in the story comes when barkhaa’s sister in law Zoya Rathore (Neetu) comes to know about Barkha’s affair with Ranbir’s best friend Akaash in the absence of her brother Ranbir.

The major twist and turns of Madmast Barkhaa movie opens when Ranbir comes home alive and sees his friend Akaash and his wife together. on being asked by Ranbir Barkhaa chooses to stay with Akaash. Suspense goes on wheel when Barkhaa’s dead body was found in swimming pool and Akaash accused Ranbir for Barkhaa’s murder, which Ranbir denies. Ranbir and Aakash both are blaming each other for Barkhaa’s murder. To know about the real murderer of Barkhaa as well the real secret of this movie and Barkhaa murder you have to go to theater and watch Madmast Barkhaa.

Madmast Barkhaa movie Trailer:

Madmast Barkhaa Official Trailer | Ekaansh Bhaardwaaj, Leena Kapoor


Expected Box Office Collection:

Madmast Barkhaa is a Love, romantic drama, betrayal, sensuality, jealousy, suspense, murder, Thriller all flavor mixture full entertaining low budget movie directed/produced by Jaspal Singh. The expectation of the stars, director and producer is only that audience like to watch this movie. And they become successful to provide full entertaining movie to its audience and fans.

The expected opening box office collection and first weekend of movie Madmast Barkhaa is not much high because on the same day Kangna Ranaut and R Madhavan starer their last supper hit movie sequel of tanu weds manu returns is also released and in high competition of with Madmast Barkhaa.

Madmast Barkha first day box office collection —> 2-3 crore (Expected)

Madmast Barkha second day box office collection —–> 3-4 crore (Expected)

Madmast Barkha third day box office collection —-> 4-5 crore (Expected)

Keep following us we’ll continuously gives updates related to Madmast Barkhaa hindi movie box office collection and official announcements as well.


Madmast Barkhaa Hindi movie releasing date worldwide:

Madmast Barkhaa Bollywood new upcoming movie will be released on May 22nd, 2015 (Friday) across all Indian multiplexes.



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