Earthquake in Nepal on 12 may 2015 rocked by 7.3 magnitudes near Mount Everest: A powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake has struck Nepal ones again, just few weeks after a devastating earthquake left more than 10,000 people dead, injured 18,000 and destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes.

According to the United States Geological survey, on the afternoon of May 12th, 2015 Tuesday the reader calculate the magnitude of 7.3 second time earthquake in Nepal which only few point less than the previous one which had come just few week before in Kathmandu, Nepal. This time on Tuesday 12th may. 2015 at 12:36 earthquake targeted on Richter scale and struck 42 miles (68km) west of the town of Namche Bazaar, close to Mount Everest. It was followed closely by at least six strong aftershocks. Shockwaves were felt as far away as the Indian capital, Delhi, Bihar, Rachi, Assam, Uttar-Pradesh and full north region of India. The neighbourhood countries Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh also feel this earthquake.

Nepal earthquake
Nepal earthquake

Effect of Tuesday earthquake in Nepal:

Tuesday comes with big catastrophe for Nepal citizens. A heavy earthquake of 7.3 magnitude had come at 50 km far from last centre of earthquake i.e. Kathmandu, Nepal.

More than half a million Nepalese are already without homes and living in makeshift camps or among the ruins of their houses. And ones again this catastrophe by Tuesday earthquake kicks back to Nepal. It is very difficult time for all Nepalese. It is again a big damage for Nepal.

In a report form Kathmandu news, Nepal’s home ministry says at least 19 people killed and 981 injured in latest earthquake on Tuesday 11am GMT.

The full extent of casualties is unknown, with reports of collapsed buildings and some fatalities coming in from remote areas close to the epicentre.

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Effect of Tuesday earthquake on India:

In Indian time this eathquake feel at 12:36, this is around 2 minute of magnitude in range of 6.4 to 6.9. This was the working time and people feel it in his office and at home too. The citizens are still in shock about this earthquake. Peoples were come outside from his office and buildings. Till 1:30 PM, there is not report about any causality and/or building damage. But still now no causality reported in India.

About Tuesday earthquake causalities and damages news comes from different regions of India. Two people were killed in India, state officials said – one of them from Bihar state and another form Uttar Pradesh. Residents in the Indian town of Siliguri, near the border with Nepal, said chunks of concrete fell off one or two buildings. The earth also shook strongly across the Nepalese border in Tibet’s Jilong and Zhangmu regions.



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