Indian Capital Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s government has made an offer to Delhi Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung that main agenda at over down their aggressive hostilities over who calls the high shots for Capital. The “interim arrangement” proposes that the government will send its decisions – including the appointment of bureaucrats – to the Lieutenant Governor (LG); he can then express his disagreement. If neither side backs down, the President of India can make a call.

Arvind Kejriwal Offers Work-in-Progress Proposal to LG Najeeb
Arvind Kejriwal Offers Work-in-Progress Proposal to LG Najeeb

The Kejriwal’s central government offer, intended to strike some sort of working relationship with the LG, was made today in the Delhi High Court that has asked LG Mr. Jung to evaluate the proposal. No deadline was set, however, and the judge said the LG Mr. Jung is entitled to review the fresh transfers of nine officers by Delhi Chief Minister.

The judge has not agreed – for now – to CM Arvind Kejriwal’s request to strike down a notification that makes the Lieutenant Governor, as the Centre’s representative in Delhi, about the final authority on administrative matters; like the appointment of bureaucrats and the Delhi Police.

In the next hearing of the Delhi High Court after six weeks, the Centre needs to explain about its notification, which was the main issued earlier this month. That was explained on Monday, 25th May as “suspect” by the Delhi High Court. The future hearing should not be influenced by that remark, said by the Supreme Court today.

The top court has gotten involved in the tug-of-war for Delhi by the Centre, which has filed a separate case there, seeking endorsement of both the LG authority and its own position that union government employees cannot be investigated for bribe by the Anti-Corruption Bureau of the Delhi government.

These were the highlights of the Centre’s notification, which sought to hem in Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s area of operation. The Chief Minister says the notification exposes the Centre’s flagrant attempt to seize control of Delhi through the LG office.



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