Apple ready to test your DNA: It is very much far from the entertainment and communication needs of the iPhone. Apple soon enhances the area of iPhone with his new iPhone app launched which proves a crucial part of identifying your potential health issues. Apple is looking to expend the potential of its ResearchKit platform by launching new iPhone applications which is the new invention in the smartphone app to analyse the DNA of the users. This is amazing news for the medical researchers and medical students who are works on DNA testing and matching field. Now apple is ready to check your DNA with the help of iPhone apps.

Apple has launched his new research application platform which is highly beneficial for medical researchers and/or medical students who are works in the field of DNA testing. Apple celebrate with the MIT Technology and works on its new app helpful for health.  According to sources at the MIT Technology Review.

As per this reports that the company is working with academics to create ResearchKit apps would offer some selected iPhone users the chance to be the part of this new research and get their DNA tested. It is good to test your DNA using iPhone, which could help you to highlight potential health issues.

How apple test your DNA:

If you are imagined that Apple directly scoops up your DNA by using iPhone direct then you are going on wrong direction. This Apple iPhone app makes your DNA test process easy. It makes the process easy by collecting the genes and shares them with research scholars. In this app you could see some findings like the condition is genetic or not.

The whole process of collecting iPhone users genes and then tested them, Apple is not going to doing all this itself. For this process Apple celebrate with some academic partners. Apple plan two initial studies;

  1. Planned by the University of California, San Francisco, would study causes of premature birth by combining gene tests with other data collected on the phones of expectant mothers, and
  2. As yet unknown study led by Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

This Apple DNA test app will coming soon till second week of June according to the Apple’s WWDC developer conference in San Francisco next month.

By this health app iPhone users will have to consent to share their data and can choose which test and information is collected. This health app. includes such types of information about the user data like weight, blood pressure, glucose levels and asthma inhaler use. The user can also complete tasks and surveys from within custom applications, so researchers spend less time dealing with paperwork.



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