The NDA government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has completed its first year in office. In this article we will analyze the performance of Modi Government on the front of ‘Governance’. There has been some systematic changes in the way of governance of Modi government as compared to the previous UPA government.

Rhetoric of ‘Minimum Government, Maximum Governance’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi used this rhetoric sentence in his election rallies. Providing effective and transparent governance was one of the foremost used election promise used by BJP. After coming into power, this promise faded away slowly and steadily. Modi government is being criticized for its ‘One Man Show’ nature. Prime Minister seemed to prove his claim of minimum government by restricting his original Cabinet to 44 members. In the first Cabinet Portfolios were allotted depending upon the capabilities of the ministers. For example, Health ministry was given to Dr. Harsh Vardhan, who is a doctor by profession. But after the first Cabinet Expansion this claim of Minimum government got diluted. Ministries were allotted not based on the individual capabilities but on the loyalty to the duo of Narendra Modi- Amit Shah. Leaders like Giriraj Singh and Sadhi Niranjan Jyoti, who made some irresponsible statements in the praise of Mr. Modi, were given ministries. Thus it can be said the Mr. Modi has not stand on this claim of ‘Minimum government, Maximum governance.’

Transparency and Corruption

The fore most issue which Narendra Modi and entire BJP utilized was that of Bringing Black money back to the country which is stashed in the foreign accounts. There was a huge hue and cry over the scams of the UPA government which prepared the platform for BJP to come into the power. Narendra Modi vowed to end the ‘Scam-Raj’ of the previous UPA regime and to eliminate the corruption from top to bottom. Although there has not come out any major issue of Corruption or there has not been any new scam unearthed, but the Modi government seems quite reluctant in tackling the menace of black money and corruption. The posts of Central Information Commission and Lokpal have remained vacant for more than a year now.No major initiatives have been taken to tackle the issue of Corruption.

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No ‘Ache Din’ for Education and Health sector

Modi Government’s promise of ‘Ache din’ has remained a mere slogan for Health and Education sector, the most important social sectors. Government cut down the budget allocation for the health sector nearly by 20 percent. Our budget allocation to the Health sector is already one of the lowest in the world. It has put key disease control initiative at risk.

Government has also slashed the allocation to the school sector by 10 percent. There should not be any doubt that Health and Education are two most important sectors in social life and should be given the utmost priority. These decisions of government cannot be praised. Although the budgetary decision to increase the allocation to higher education by 22% is commendable.

Co-operative federalism and the role of the states

Apart from the promise of providing a Congress- free India,the most frequent leitmotif of Mr. Modi’s electoral campaign was that he would usher in a new era for Indian federalism. Since he assumed power a year ago, most of these theatrics have been reserved for Indian abroad, barring the memorable images of Mr. Modi with his turban aflutter against the backdrop of the red fort. He announced the advent of the new era by ending the Nehruvian model institution, the Planning Commission. The performance in Modi’s first year of office does not hold forth the promise of a system where power would be devolved to people. However Modi government has announced the greater share in the revenues of the government from 30 to 42 percent following the recommendation of the 14th Finance Commission. Till now, the NITI Aayog is in its initial days. The performance of this new institution will depend upon the involvement of the states as well as the Centre.

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On a fine, it can be said that the performance of Modi government has been at an average level. As the promises made were very high, the expectations of people are also high. On that front Modi government has to act proactively in order to provide transparent, effective and maximum governance.



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