Again Earthquake shock in North India on 12 May 12 : 39 PM : The afternoon of 12th may 2015, Tuesday again shocked with the earthquake. This time the intensity of earthquake was not much high as previous one. But people feel this earthquake for around 2 minutes. This year the shock of  earthquake coming again and again. More than 10,000 people already killed by the earthquake till now in the Nepal and Northern part of India.

By today’s earthquake Ranchi, Biahr, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Bengal affected. The center of this earthquake was  Karodi, Nepal. The intensity of this earthquake in the Delhi recorded as 7.1Mw . But the intesity in the Kathmandu is like previous one.

The earthquake in the Nepal was the intensity of 7.8 Mw or 8.1 Mw that destroyed the life in Nepal. Still the relief program is going on the Nepal to save and re-established the people. But as per the official news it may take upto one year. But if these type of earthquake comes in future then it may took more time and trouble.



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