To threat anyone is a big crime, and it is direct mentally torture to threaten person. To be overtaking this problem you have to use your immense will power in your dreams, nothing as such can be discourage you and never put you down. The live example of this problem faces by Nandita Singgha, who is a reputed ad film director and now she start his directing carrier in Bollywood film industry by directing a biopic. This biopic which is under the direction of Nandita Singgha, is based on the famous murdered crime journalist J Dey. The film is titled Mid Dey, and shooting for it has been already started.

J Dey biopic maker Nandita Singgha get threats
J Dey biopic maker Nandita Singgha get threats

When this (Nandita Singgha), young entrepreneur and filmmaker turned your carrier form ad direction to the film direction start facing very dangerous problems which directly impact on her moral power and confidence.  A few unscrupulous film makers and opportunist writers of our own Hindi film industry are giving threatening calls to her. When we dug deeper, she opened up that some of these threat calls were made to stop her from making the film. While some other calls were made so as to take credit of the work that she has already done on the biopic i.e. of the scripting and the investment on the pre-production work on the film.

At last she has decided to blow the lid off for this current series of threats and harassment. Nandita had kept everything under wraps for last two months. Recently a famous personality from south India, where she is already known as a young entrepreneur, came ahead and supported her in every aspect and assured her that nothing can stop her now. They said dreams and landmark performance of achievers cannot be snatched or suppressed.

After knowing the case even in Bollywood film industry, many known actors and actresses have come forward to support Nandita Singgha and her biopic on the famous murdered crime journalist J Dey. However, she told them that she has achieved everything from grass root level and talent and knowledge cannot be seized. After getting these threat calls her confidence level grow up and she is now even more excited to complete and release this movie internationally more than before. She feels that she has a proven track record and therefore nothing to lose. It seems literally like as nothing can be discouraging then herself. She already proves her strength and working ability with directed more than 430 ad films of digital content sharing till date. And now Nandita is ready to start her new inning form Bollywood by your new project as first filmmaker to make all her four movies on crime journalism with the first one being Mid Dey.

At last we are adding that Bollywood film industry one of the super starts Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan was approached for the central character of J Dey.



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