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Mr. X tale around an invisible lover with a message, ‘Everything is fair in love and war’.  Mr. X is one another romance with thriller Bollywood drama, addition in the most famous uninspiring filmmaker Vikram Bhatt movies list in Hindi film industry.  This movie is the addition in the sequence of romantic thriller under the direction of Vikram Bhatt films like Raaz 3D, Haunted 3D, Dangerous Ishq 3D, Creature 3D. Vikram Bhatt fans have more expectation with Mr. X movie, and they are sure that Mr. X has more romance, thriller and good movie story background like previous movies.

Mr. X hd wallpaper
Mr. X hd wallpaper free download
Cast/Starring: Emraan Hashmi, Amyra Dastur, Arunoday Singh, Tanmay Bhatt———————————————————————-
Direction: Vikram Bhatt
Genre: Thriller/ Romantic
Duration: 2 hours 13 minutes
Rating: 3 Star/5 Star
Releasing date: April 17, 2015

In Bollywood industry every other filmmakers always trying to do something different and comes with new ideas and twists in his movies, while Bhatt camp seems to be very attractive and happy to do work with the same movie tale. If the films wear not so rough, than you could almost say Bhatt work is audacious and still Bhatt camp not disappointed his fans and give back to back many romantic thriller with good story background in last few years. Mr. X is one of those sequences.

Movie Review  |  Story |  Box Office Collection :


Movie Review:

The movie Mr. X is watchable attractive and captivating Bollywoodizing Hollywood film. The whole tale of this movie is run around an invisible and intelligence disappear man, who is fighting to his revengers and supports his girlfriend. If you have seen Hollywood movies Hollow Man and Memoirs of an Invisible Man than after watching Mr. X you sure recall your memory. Mr. X again seems as the Bollywood Cocktail of two Hollywood films.

This movie has a solid story in place but if you love Hollywood movies and/or you have watch Hollow Man and Memoirs of an Invisible Man than Mr. X fail to catch your attention. Because of Bhatt direct this movie and keep attention of Indian fans, he make a strong and attractive thriller with romance drama to attract fans. The slight problem with this movie tale is to maintain the consistency of the drama because of some sharp twists in story.

Mr. X bollywood movie free wallpaper download
Mr. X bollywood movie free wallpaper download

The concept of Mr. X of an invisible hero took form Bollywood famous 90’s movies Mr. India starrer by Anil Kapoor. Vikram Bhatt adopts the idea form the Character played by Anil Kapoor in Mr. India and put some romantic and thriller ideas and grinder all this and present the resultant mast of Bhatt i.e. Mr. X. Director Vikram Bhatt put some very good Science-fiction values inspired form Hollywood movies in this movie.

The star casting is very good. Emraan Hashmi play his role with positively. His warm chemistry with good looking actress Amyra Dastur, who plays much better screen presence since her last film Issaq with Sandeep Bose.

Some of the questions related to the story of movie always click question mark in viewer minds like; what chemicals cause Hero’s (Emraan Hashmi or Raghu’s) skin to char so dramatically? What the magic potion that able is to regenerates his cells from scratch? The riddles behind movie hero Raghu’s transformation into Mr. X all are unanswered.

If we are review movie Mr. X according to the Indian fans then the movie is watchable and defiantly attracts fans intension and restricts watchers to seen full movie Mr. X. Ones again the pair of Vikram Bhatt and Emraan Hashmi ready to sock his fans with romantic thriller. Amyra Dastur looks confident policewoman in designer clothes and hair. Seventy percent of credit goes to Emraan Hashmi, because he is terrible in the movie even when he is disappear. All the time when his face visible in movie, Emraan looks like he is aware of how terrible the film is. He just walks from one setup to the other with the look of someone hustled at a game of high stakes poker. Emraan Hashmi fully justifies with his role Mr. X and play very well.

Songs of the movies Mr. X are already hit and video of the songs are watchable too if you like romantic songs in Emraan Hashmi way like smooch, romance and bold séance. If we observe the songs placement and correlation with movie situation then its treble to understand the song situation with running movie condition. Somewhere no need of song but it’s a Bollywood masala movie so director put unexpected, unrelated songs in the movie, in which an invisible hero doing romance with his ex-girlfriend.  The net result after watch Mr. X you remember Tushar Kapoor’s Gaayab, Anil Kapoor’s Mr. India and Hollywood movies Hollow Man and Memoirs of an Invisible Man.


In the opening sequence of the movie Mr. X actress Amyra Dastur diffuse a bomb; she has nanoseconds to snap the correct wire to diffuse the bomb. As usually she become hero to snap right wire and saves thousands of lives.

MR. X hd wallpaper
MR. X hindi movie full hd wallpaper

As the name of movie Mr. X; the whole movie run around Mr. X Raghuram Rathod (Emraan Hashmi) who is an invisible personality in movie. Raghuram Rathod is an honest and best cop in Anti-Terrorist Deppartment (ATD); who loves his colleague Siya (Amyara Dastur). Raghu’s boss ACP Bhardwaj (Arunoday Singh) is a corrupted cop but his image is very decent and honest cop in his department. ACP Bharadwaj wants to become the commissioner, so he traps Raghu into a conspiracy murder of Chief Minister before his marriage. Raghu charged with treason. Its results into our hero up in flames, reported as dead.

The amaze part of file Mr. X comes now when our hero come back with invisible quality. Raghu plots revenge. Siya realizes Raghu’s presence because of hold his breath and his body odour. Now the movie going how Mr. X our invisible hero took his vengeance.  There have many up-downs in the movie and at some points our hero covers with lot of trebles. To see the last suspense of movie Mr. X you have to watch this movie completely.

Box Office Collection:

The box office collection of Mr. X in the opening weekend crosses Rs. 14 crore. As per the production house box office collection review of Mr. X; the file recorded the following box office collection in opening weekend;

Mr. X box office collection on Friday:                       Rs. 4.5 crore

Mr. X box office collection on Saturday:                   Rs. 4.39 crore

Mr. X box office collection on Sunday:                     Rs. 5.1 crore

So, the summation of Mr. X  box office collection of opening weekend is crossing Rs. 14 crore.

The Mr. X film is made on a budget of Rs 40 crore which includes marketing and distribution costs too. This movie already received Rs. 27 crore.

So according to the Mr. X box office collection of opening weekend and the budget of the movie, this movie is not in loss. This time Vikram Bhatt ones again successful to attract audience to watch his romantic thriller movie.



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