Full coverage IPL T20 Rajasthan Royals (RR) vs Kinngs XI Punjab (KXIP) with full score cards with ball to ball. Captain, Umpire, fall or wickets, best bowler best batman of the Match.


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 S Smith RR Caption

George Bailey

 George Bailey KXIP Caption

S Smith

Playing XI Names:
1.      V Sehwag,

2.      M Vijay,

3.      G Maxwell,

4.      D Miller,

5.      G Bailey©,

6.      W Saha (wk),

7.      M Johnson,

8.      A Patel,

9.      Anureet Singh,

10.  Sandeep Sharma,

11.  K Singh

1.      A Rahane,

2.      S Samson (wk),

3.      S Smith©,

4.      K Nair,

5.      D Hooda,

6.      S Binny,

7.      J Faulkner,

8.      C Morris,

9.      T Southee,

10.  D Kulkarni,

11.  P Tambe

Umpires: 1.       Simon Fry,

2.       Chris Gaffaney,

3.       Krishnaraj Srinath,

4.      O Nandan

Referee: Graeme La Brooy


All the time in IST:

19:30: Toss time! George Bailey and Steve Smith on the field, flip the coin. Toss in favor of Kings XI Punjab. George Bailey elects to field first.

19:35: Caption views:

George Bailey Says: “there might be few dew early on and with some grass on the wicket Kings XI wants the quick’s to get into the action early”.

Steve Smith Says: “The more number of some overseas players will help to Rajasthan Royals no end this season alongside their strong Indian contingent. He added about Glenn Maxwell, he is the key wicket they are targeting him. Watson is unavailable due to a bruised hip. ”

20:00: Both umpires and Kings XI Punjab players on the center of the ground. RR opening batsman A Rahane, S Samson comes out with a light warm up.

20:01: Sandeep Sharma ready with the first ball of IPL 8 third match against A Rahane. Game start now! Stadium buzz with crowd cheers to his favorite team.

20:02: Four! Leg byes.

RR Vs KXIP highlights

20:07: Very good start by RR bowler S Sharma for his team. S Sharma spent only 4 runs on his first over. RR 4/0 after finishes one over.

20:08: Anureet Singh shares the new ball after S Sharma. On first ball A Singh to S Samson. He picks up a single run.

20:09: Wicket! A Rahane back to pavilion c Axar Patel b Anureet Singh. It’s a massive wicket of A Rahane back off without scoring single run.

20:09: A Singh first over very economy over for his team, he spend only 4 runs and success in taken 1 big wicket of RR. RR 8/1 after finishes 2 overs.

20:11: Four! S Smith hits a nice boundary on Sandeep Sharma on good length off stump bowl.

20:15: Wicket! This time S sharma on charge and break second wicket of RR. S Samson back to pavilion lbw  Sandeep Sharma

20:16: RR 15/2 after finishes 3 overs.

20:22: Anureet singh second over. Again very good over gave only 2 runs. Now RR 17/2 after finishes 4 overs.

20:23: The pressure of wicket loss early seem on the face of batsman. It’s time to play carefully by RR batsman. Sandeep Sharma comes with  his third over to S Smith.

20:25:  Only Three runs with this over picks up by batsman.

20:26: RR 20/2 after finish 5 overs.

20:26: First change in bowling! Axar patel on the attack with new ball.

20:27:Four! This time S Smith hits nice boundary on the very first ball of A Patel.

20:27: Four! What a brilliant boundary hits by S Smith. It’s same a previous shot.

20:28: Six! This Time new batsman K Nair take charge and hits a great shot.

20:28: Wicket! K Nair is out b Axar Patel.

20:29: RR plays well in this over and score 15 runs but loss 1 wicket. Now RR 35/3 after 6 over gone.

20:30: Sandeep Sharama on attack now to S Smith. First ball Smith picks up sings.

Fans RR Vs KXIP match

20:33: Four! Last ball of the over S Binny hits a nice boundary.

20:37: Sandeep Sharma over finish. RR 45/3 after finishes 7 over.

20:38: Karanveer Singh on attack now. Spend two runs on first 3 bowls.

20:39: Four! S Smith hists a very fine boundary, very good placed by Smith.

20:39: single at last bowl! RR 53/3 after 8 overs.

20: 40: M Johnson now start his first over. Start with dot bowl.

20:41: 5Wd! No one is stoping that! It’s a Rapid bouncer beats everyone.

20:42: M Johnson spend 8 runs in his first over. RR 61/3 after 9 overs.

20:45: Four! on first bowl of K singh S Binny hits a nice boundary.

20:46: Next two bowl they takes two singles.

20:47 Four! this time S Smith hits a nice boundary. After 10 over RR score is 73/3.

20:50: M Johnson to S Smith, starting over with wide delivery.

20:50: Wicket! S Smith is out c K Singh b M Johnson.

20:51: once again wide delivery.

20:52: Wicket! This time Johnson hunting S Binny c Wriddhiman Saha b M Johnson.

20:56: finish over with given single. RR 76/5 after 11 overs.

20:57: K Singh on attack now to J Faulkner. He picks up two-two runs on first 2 bowls.

20:59: K Singh spend 7 runs in this over. Now RR 83/5 after 12 overs.

21:01: A Patel on attack this time to J Faulkner. First two bowls dots.

21:04: A Patel Spend only 5 runs in this over. RR score at this moment is 88/5 after 13 overs goes.

21:05: A Patel on charge now to D Hooda plays and misss first bowl but picks two important run for his team.

21:06: Six! On fifth bowl of the over D Hooda hits a smashing Six.

21:06: with two runs A Patel finish his over. He spend 16 runs. Now RR 104/5 after 14 overs.

21:07 Strategic Timeout- this time Rajasthan Royals makes the strategy to reach at safe score near about 150.

21:10: M Johnson on attack now. First three dot bowls.

21:12: Four! J Faulkner hits a very nice boundary. After this only one extra run spend by bowler. RR score card is 110/5 after 15 overs.

21:15: A Patel take bowling charge now and he spend only 5 runs this over. After finsh 16th over RR score 115/5.

21:19: Anureet Singh on bowling attack now to J Faulkner. Starting with single.

21:19: Six! D Hooda hits a great six this time.

21:20: Four! once again D Hooda hits a nice boundary.

21:20: Wicket! A Singh took D Hooda wicket.

21:22: A Singh finish this over with two single runs. In this over A Singh spend 13 runs and took 1 important wicket. Now RR score is 128/6 after  17  over.

21:24: A Patel on bowling attack now. He spend four runs on his four bowls.

21:26: Siz! J Faulkner hits a big shot. After 18th over RR 138/6.

21:27: M Johnson to C Morris. On his first two bowl Johnson gave only three runs.

21:28: Six! J Faulkner hits a great six.

21:28: Four! Again J Faulkner hits a very nice boundary.

21:30: Six! Once again J Faulkner hits a punching shot.

21:31: this time M Johnson become very expensive over. RR score 158/6 after 19 over gone.

21:31: Anureet Singh start to bowl the last over against RR. First two bowl picks up two runs.

21:33: Wicket! J Faulkner is out c David c David.

21:35: IPL 3rd match first inning set target 162/7 for Kings XI Punjab.


Target for Kings XI Punjabis 162 runs in 20 overs.

Second Inning start:

21:50:  V Sehwag and Murali Vijay comes out on the field. T Southee ready to deliver first bowl.

21:51: Wicket! What a surprise starting by Kings XI Punjab, V Sehwag is out c Sanju Samson b Tim Southee.

21: 53: W Saha placed very good and picks up 3 runs.

21:54: Four! very nice boundary.

21:56: T Southee spends 11 runs and taken 1 wicket important for his team.

21: 56: first four bowls only three runs taken by batsman.

22:00 Six! M.Vijay hits a very nice six. After finish 2nd over KXIP Score 21/1.

22:02: Four! T Southee second bowl to M Vijay score four runs.

22:03: Four! again W Saha plays very well and hits four runs.

22:04: Wicket! W Saha is out run out (Sanju Samson). This is good finish of over by T Southee. Now KXIP 32/2 after 3 overs.

22:06 Shawal Kulkarni on attack now to M Vijay. First two bowls dots. On third Bowl M.Vijay picks up single.

22:08: Four! G Maxwell on form now and start with boundary.

22:10: last two bowls batsman picks up two runs. And after finish  4 overs 39/2.

22:11: James Faulkner on attack by ball now to M Vijay.

22:11: Four! M Vijay hits a nice boundary.

22:13: Wicket! J Faulkner takes a break through for his team and leads his team on the top after taken G Maxwell wicket. G Maxwell out c Tim Southee b Jamess Faulkner.

22:14: after finish 5 over KXIP score 46/3.

22:16: D Kulkarni to M Vijay first three dot bowls delivers.

22:18: Four! M Vijay hits  a very nice boundary. Over finish KXIP Runs 51/3.

22:20: J Faulkner to A Patel, and first three dot bowls delivered.

22:23: J Faulkner spend only 2 runs in this over, now KXIP score is 53/3 after 7 overs.

22:26: Four! on third bowl of this over by Pravin Tambe by A Patel hits a very nice boundary.

22:27: only 8 runs spend by this new bowler. KXIP score is 61/3 after 8 overs.

22:28: 2 minute Strategic timeout.

22:33: Wicket! M.Vijay is out run out (Sanju Samson) on fourth bowl of this over.

22:38: S Binny spend only 4 runs and took 1 wicket. KXIP 65/4 after 9 overs.

22:38: C Morris on attack now. Very good over only one run in full over. KXIP score 66/4 after complet 10 overs.

22:42: Four! D Miller hits  very nice boundary on second bowl of S Binny.

22:43: Four! ones again very nice boundary hits by D Miller.

22:45: 11 runs form this over. Now KXIP score 77/4 after 11 overs.

22:46: RR puts Pressure on both side. P Tambe on attack now. Only 4 runs in this over. KXIP reach 81/4 after 12 overs.

22:48: T Southee is return back for his new spall.

22:49: Four! by D Miller. He hits very nice boundary.

22:51: Six! One dot ball and ones again D Miller hits great shot.

22:52: after finish this over KXIP hits 92/4 runs after 13 overs.

22:52: Ones again 2 Minute Strategic timeout.

22:55: Wicket! D Miller is out c James Faulkner b D Kullarni.

22:57: Four! this time A Patel on charge and he hits a nice boundary.

22:59 Four! on fifth bowl G Bailey hits a nice boundary. KXIP 101/5 after 14 overs.

23:00: P Tambe on attack now to A Patel.

23:02: ones again P Tambe deliver a wonderful over with 3 runs only. Now KXIP score is 104/5.

23:03: required run rate reach up 12 runs per over.

23:05: Four! GBailey hits a very nice boundary.

23:06: only 9 runs earn in this over. KXIP scores 113/5 after 16 overs.

23:07: C Morris on attack now with ball to A Patel and G Bailey.

23:10: only 5 runs score in this tuff over. Now the score reach 118/5 after 17 overs finishes.

23:11:T Southee on attack now to A Patel and G Bailey.

23:14: Wicket! A patel is out b Tim Southee.

23:16: four run comes from this  over and taken one wickets. Score of KXIP is 122/6 after 18 overs.

23:18: Six! G Bailey hits  great shots.

23:20: Wicket! M Johnson is out c Tim Southee b James Faulkner

23:22: Wicket! This time G Bailey is out c Karun Nair b james Faulkner.

23:23: after finish 19 overs KXIP hits only131/8.

23:25: Four! K Singh hits  a very nice boundary. 20th over is finish and only 5 runs earned by KXIP.

Rajasthan Royals win by 26 runs.

Man of the match (MOM): James Faulkner.

This is a Royals victory on Kings XI Punjab on the first match of both teams. And Rajasthan Royal successful in his strategy and won the match by 26 runs. Tonight Rajasthan Royal start his Pepsi IPL t20 2015 journey as winners.


Full score card:


Ajinkya Rahane c Axar Patel b Anureet Singh 0 8 0.00 0 0
Sanju Samson lbw Sandeep Sharma 5 6 83.33 0 0
Steve Smith c Karanveer Singh b Mitchell Johnson 33 23 143.47 5 0
Karun Nair b Axar Patel 8 11 72.72 0 1
Stuart Binny c Wriddhiman Saha b Mitchell Johnson 13 16 81.25 2 0
Deepak Hooda b Anureet Singh 30 15 200.00 1 3
James Faulkner c David Miller b Anureet Singh 46 33 139.39 2 3
Chris Morris NOT OUT 6 8 75.00 0 0
Tim Southee NOT OUT 0 0 0.00 0 0
EXTRAS (w 12, lb 9) 21
TOTAL (7 wickets; 20 overs) 162


Sandeep Sharma 4 19 1 4.75 11
Anureet Singh 4 23 3 5.75 12
Axar Patel 4 34 1 8.50 8
Karanveer Singh 4 43 0 10.75 4
Mitchell Johnson 4 34 2 8.50 14


  • 1-5 (Rahane, 1.3 ov) ,
  • 2-14 (Samson, 2.5 ov) ,
  • 3-35 (Nair, 5.6 ov) ,
  • 4-74 (Smith, 10.1 ov) ,
  • 5-75 (Binny, 10.4 ov) ,
  • 6-126 (Hooda, 16.4 ov) ,
  • 7-160 (Faulkner, 19.3 ov)


Virender Sehwag c Sanju Samson b Tim Southee 0 1 0.00 0 0
Murali Vijay run out (Sanju Samson) 37 32 115.62 4 1
Wriddhiman Saha run out (Sanju Samson) 7 4 175.00 1 0
Glenn Maxwell c Tim Southee b James Faulkner 7 5 140.00 1 0
Axar Patel b Tim Southee 24 28 85.71 2 0
David Miller c James Faulkner b Dhawal Kulkarni 23 21 109.52 3 1
George Bailey c Karun Nair b James Faulkner 24 18 133.33 2 1
Mitchell Johnson c Tim Southee b James Faulkner 0 4 0.00 0 0
Anureet Singh NOT OUT 0 3 0.00 0 0
Karanveer Singh NOT OUT 5 4 125.00 1 0
EXTRAS (w 7, lb 2) 9
TOTAL (8 wickets; 20 overs) 136


Tim Southee 4 36 2 9.00 12
Chris Morris 4 21 0 5.25 14
Dhawal Kulkarni 3 21 1 7.00 10
James Faulkner 4 26 3 6.50 10
Pravin Tambe 3 15 0 5.00 7
Stuart Binny 2 15 0 7.50 6


  • 1-0 (Sehwag, 0.1 ov) ,
  • 2-32 (Saha, 2.6 ov) ,
  • 3-46 (Maxwell, 4.6 ov) ,
  • 4-64 (Vijay, 8.4 ov) ,
  • 5-92 (Miller, 13.1 ov) ,
  • 6-122 (Patel, 17.3 ov) ,
  • 7-129 (Johnson, 18.3 ov) ,
  • 8-131 (Bailey, 18.6 ov)




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