How to help Nepal earthquake victims: Nepal earthquake one week gone, more than ten villages become the victim of this catastrophe. This is the tough time for Nepal citizens after vanish all lively hood things. On April 25, 2015 at 11:56 (NST) with a moment magnitude 7.8 Mw or 8.1 Mw ruined a big area of Nepal near capital Kathmandu.

This powerful disaster not only affected Nepal although some area of India also affected by this earthquake. In North Indian region, its intensity measured in between 2.5 Mw to 4.7 Mw. This deadly earthquake was the most powerful disaster to strike Nepal since 1934, Nepal-Bihar earthquake. By this powerful disaster heavy livelihood effected and a large number of casualties reported in Nepal, it reaches around 12,000. Some causality has also been reported in adjoining area of India (Bihar), China and Bangladesh.

One week goes but the situation is not under control, still lot of peoples are under the debris and no one knows that how much causalities are there. It is the time to help Nepal earthquake victim to support Nepal citizen. At this critical time for Nepal victim, the whole world has to unitize and make a step to support and help Nepal earthquake victims.

Nepal relief pictures
Nepal relief pictures

We can support and help Nepal earthquake victims in many ways, as their requirements. The first most necessary things for Nepal victims are medical help, foodstuff support and money to save Nepal earthquake victims. We are requesting to all our readers don’t think that your contribution is too small or large because it is the time to help them anyhow. No one care about how? But we have to help them it’s our humanity and responsibility to be passing this difficult time together.

Here we are providing some of the ideas and list of reliable communities and organization which are continuously supporting Nepal earthquake victims and trying their best to recover their life by helping in many ways like providing medical care, provisions and habitable tents. You can do any of this and support Nepal victims. Your single step definitely give makeable contribution to support & help Nepal earthquake victims.

Nepal earthquake
Nepal earthquake

Necessary things to support Nepal earthquake victims:

We are listing below about the necessary things for Nepal earthquake victims and you can support them without affecting your daily routines. These supports hardly take 15 min to 20 min. We are sure that if you have little bit of humanity exist then defiantly you gives you’re this précises time to support Nepal earthquake victims and to save many lives.

Medical care:

The first necessary and urgent requirement for earthquake victim is medical cares. For this purpose many specialist doctors and medical assistants already there and doing day night work to save lives with their best treatments. But the question arise what we do if we are not a medical assistant or representative. Friends no need to worry about that, you can do much more form your place to support them and help doctors and medical assistant by donating necessary things near your hometown.

Blood Donation:

In this deadly earthquake thousands of peoples are injured and they require medical care and blood. At this moment they have heavy requirement of different group bloods. So your one unit blood can save many lifes. Search your nearest blood donation center those are collecting blood for Nepal victims, you can donate your single unit blood for Nepal earthquake victims.

Medicines / herb:

You can do help Nepal victims with providing medicines to them. You can do this either by making a group and/or individually collecting the pain killers and first aid collection and courier it to Nepal. This step will be the big support for Nepal victims by you and your group.

Foodstuffs/ Provisions:

Foodstuffs are also being the necessary thing for Nepal victim after this deadly earthquake reports. Hunger plague is the biggest problem faced by Nepal victims. Many NGO’s, organization and communities doing more work to providing fresh foodstuffs to the earthquake victims but it’s not fulfilling the requirement of  them.  You can support them be providing at least healthy and fresh provisions. Recently The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Managing Committee send food packets to Nepal victims. If you are living near to Delhi or in Delhi  then you can donate raw food material to the Gurudwara committee.

Cloths and Tripal :

As you know people need ” Roti Kapda aur Makan” to live. In the Nepal people don’t have these tree things. So you can donate cloths to wear and tripal. With the help of Tripal affected people can make camps. This will also a very helpful thing for the disaster victims.

Money donation:

To rebuild the highly affected cities and/or villages many organization and communities work on them. They have required our economic support to protect Nepal victims perfectly. Here we are providing a list of worldwide organization those are continuous works to protect lives in disaster area.

Rastriya Swyam Sevak SanghSwayam Sevak of RSS are continuously working in Nepal. So you can send your money to the RSS Shakha or you can directly transfer money to the bank account given below.

Cheque & Draft            ‘Rashtriya Sewa Bharti-Aapda Pedit Sahayata Kosh’

Bank                      –       State Bank of India, Jhandewala, Branch, New Delhi

A/C  No.                –       34895627803

I.F.S.C. Code         –       SBIN0009371

F.C.R.A. No.         –       33014624179

Swift Code            –       SBININBB453


Cheque & Draft            Sewa International

Bank –          State Bank of India, Jhandewala Extn., Branch- New Delhi

A/C  No.                –       10080533304

I.F.S. Code            –       SBIN0009371

Branch Code         –       9371

Swift Code            –       SBININBB550

Source :

Pradhan Mantri Rahat Kosh :

You can directly donate money into the ” Pradhan Mantri Rahat Kosh ” from the official website.

World Vision:

World Vision calls itself a social working Christian organization that helps across world bring children out of poverty, and tries to build communities with its relief work. The organization already has a presence in Nepal.

Donate to support World Vision’s relief efforts in Nepal, here.

We requested you to share this with as much as people on social networking sites and also tell people ” How they can help Nepal people”. If you know about other relief agencies those are working then comment their name.



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