Divya Putra jeevak Beej is a medicine to prevent sterility ” बाँझपन ” in the women. But as the name of this medicine is Putra Jeevak that sounds like, after taking this mother will give birth to a boy. But the reality is different, this medicine helps only to prevent sterility. But now a days this medicine is in controversy because some people are claiming that is against the Law.

The senior JD-U leader accused Baba Ramdev for selling a medicine that give a male child and demanded ban on this type of medicine and action against the Divya Pharmacy. After his statement the The Health minister said, we will start a fair inquiry against this medicine and if it will violate the law then we will take appropriate action.

JD-U leader on Putraveejak
JD-U leader on Putrajeevak

But maximum people don’t about the Putra Jeevak and why it is used ? Putrajeevak named after a herb Putra Jeeva or and it comes under the Ayurvedic medicines. That is a very useful medicine for female. Putra Jeevak’s seed is used as medicine with the Shivlingi seeds during infertility.

Achrya Bal Krishna, already published this image on his official facebook page as per the proof, that this medicine provided by the Divya Pharmacy is not for Boy-Child. Divay Putra Jeevak is only for the infertility. Here is an image taken from the official facebook page

reality of divya putra veejak
reality of divya putra jeevak

Here is the official information provided by the Divya Pharmacy on Divya Putrjeevak seeds :

[quote_box_center] Divya Putarjeevak seeds – putrajeevak seeds by divya pharmacy helps in making a female potent to conceive a child. It is extremely effective herb that has been used since ages in ancient India to rectify the defects in a female to make her conceive. According to the ancient texts it is also helpful in conceiving of a male child.[/quote_box_center]



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