CSK Vs sunrisers hyderabad Full match review with scorecard: Finally CSK won a one sided Match and McCullum’s century got a successful finish. Let’s take a look what happen in this match. Here we are providing ball to ball match summary with full score cards. So now you can read and imagine the whole match. 

MS Dhoni CSK Caption

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

David Warner SRH Caption

D Warner

Playing XI Names:
B McCullum,DR Smith,

S Raina,

F du Plessis,

R Jadeja,

MS Dhoni© (wk),

DJ Bravo,

R Ashwin,

M Sharma,

I Pandey,

A Nehra

D Warner ©,S Dhawan,

L Rahul,

N Ojha (wk),

K Williamson,

R Bopara,

P Rasool,

K Sharma,

B Kumar,

I Sharma,

T Boult

Umpires: Richard Illingworth,Vineet Kulkarni,

Rajesh Deshpande,

Krishnamachari Bharatan

Referee: Manu Nayar


All the time in IST:

15:30: Toss time! David Warner and MS Dhoni on the field, flip the coin. Toss in favor of CSK. MS Dhoni elects to bat first.

19:35: Caption views:

MS Dhoni Says: “It’s good wicket, the same as used in the last match”.

David Warner says: “I thinks the pitch will have some bounce and carry for the quicks today.

16:00: Both umpires, Richard Illingworth, Vineet Kulkarni  and SRH players on the center of the ground. CSK opening batsman Brendon McCullum and Dwayne Smith comes out with a light warm up.

16:01: Bhuvneshwar kumar ready with the first ball of IPL 8 fourth match against Dwayne Smith. Game start now! Stadium buzz with crowd cheers to his favorite team.

16:02: B Kumar to DR Smith. Dot bowl.

16.03: four! DR Smith leading edge off middle stump and Smith earn four run.

16.04: By Last two dot bowls B Kumar finish his over. CSK 4/0 after one over.

16:05: T Boult on attack to B McCullum. Start over with wide delivery.

16:06: Four! B McCullum hits a very nice boundary.

16:08: T Boult doing keen bowling this time and spend only two runs after boundary on first bowl. CSK 11/0 after 2 overs.

16:10: B kumar comes with his second over. No run on first bowl.

16:11: 5 runs! wide delivery. Batsman get 5 runs there through the covers.

16:13: Six! McCullum hits a great shot.

16:15: B.Kumar finish his over with two dot delivers. CSK score 13 runs in this over now score 24/0 after 3 overs.

16:15: T Boult ready with his new over to DR Smith. Only one run on first three bowls.

16:18: Four! B McCullum hits a very nice mid on for four.

16:19: Four! Boult strays down the leg side and Smith turns it round the corner past short fine leg! R Boult spend 10 runs CSK score 34/0 after 4 overs.

16:19: Bowling change, Ishant sharma into the attack to B McCullum. Two no-ball in first 4 deliveries.

16:24: Four! DR Smith hits a very nice boundary.

16:24: I Sharma first over finish with 7 runs. Now CSK 41/0 after 5 overs.

16:25: another change in bowling. This time Karn Sharma on bowling attack. First bowl no run.

16:27: Six! B McCullum pounces a monster six over square leg on K Sharma second bowl.

16:28: only two run picks by batsman on next four bowls. After 6 Over CSK 49/0.

16:29: I Sharma with is new over.

16:29: Four! what a welcome of new over by DR Smith. Smith smashes a very nice boundary.

16:32: Six! This Time B McCullum on charge hits a great long on six!

16:34: Four! last ball of the over McCullum hits a nice boundary. I Sharma spend 16 runs now CSK 65/0 after 7 overs.

16:35: Strategic timeout for two minutes!

16:37: Six! DR Smith hits a great shot.

16:38: next four bowls K Sharma spends only four runs.

16:39: 8th over finish CSK score 75/0.

16:39: New bowler with new strategy. SRH need to break this partnership to control on runs.

16:40: Wicket! D Warner strategy works this time. DR Smith out runt out (Trent Boult).

16:44: very good over for SRH. Only 3 runs and pick one very important wicket of DR Smith in this over. CSK 78/1.

16:44: new change in bowling attack. Parveez Rasool on attack now!

16:47: Four! B McCullum hits a cut up over extra cover and earn a nice boundary.

16:48: Six! Ones again McCullum hits a great shot over mid-wicket for an 89m long six!

16:47: P Rasool over finish with a dot delivery. CSK score 89/1 after 10 overs.

16:48: Bhuvi Kumar on attack ones again! B Kumar to S Raina, picks one run.

16:50 Four! S Rain hits a wide of point for four shown a clever cricket.

16:53: B Kumar spend 7 runs in this over. Now CSK 96/1 after 11 overs.

16:53: I sharma on attack now to S Raina, picks up a single very fast.

16:56: Six! On third delivery of the over B McCullm finish his fifty with a great shot.

16:57: Four! McCullum hits nice boundary ones again on no-ball.

16:58: Six! Ones again B McCullum hits a great shot and crushed I Sharma over completely.

17:00: 23 runs from this over. CSK 119/1 after 12 overs.

17:02: K Sharma on attack. Two runs on first three delivers.

17:03: Six! B McCullum ready to crushed K Sharma over this time and hits a great shot.

17:04: Six! Second six of this over it’s a great shot that has gone all the way.

17::04: K Sharma finish his over with dot delivery. He spend 14 runs in this over. CSK 133/1 after 13 overs.

17:05: R Bopara on bowling attack now. R Bopara to S Raina picks one run.

17:06: Wicket! S Raina is run out (Lokesh Rahul)

17:09: Four! B McCullum gets an inside edge and beats short fine leg. After 14 overs CSK 140/2.

17:10: T Boult return with new over. Only three runs on last two bowls.

17:13: after finish 15th over CSK Score is 143/2.

17:14: R Bopara to MS Dhoni, picks up single.

17:16: only singles on next three deliveries.

17:16: Four! MS Dhoni hits a nice boundary.

17:17: R Bopara over finish with single. Now CSK Score 152/2 after 16 overs.

17:18: Two minute Strategic timeout.

17:20: B Kumar on attack to Dhoni, picks two runs on first delivery.

17:21: Six! MS Dhoni hits over long on for six!

17:23: B Kumar finish his over with single. He spend 12 runs in this over. CSK 164/2 after 17 over gone.

17:24: Six! First bowl of K Sharma MS Dhoni hits a great shot, ball reach into the second tier down the ground.

17:25: Six! Ones again supper shot hits by MS Dhoni.

17:27: Six! On last delivery of the over dhoni hits again a supper shot that has gone all the way.

17:27: 20 runs in 18th over. Now CSK 184/2 after 18 over.

17:29: R Bopara to B McCullum. He picks up a single.

17::29: Four! MS Dhoni on charge. He hits a nice boundary.

17:31: Four! back to back boundary MS Dhoni.

17:32: R Bopara finish his last over with single. He spend 10 runs on this over, CSK 194/2 after 19 overs gone.

17:33: T Boult on attack now.

17:33: Four! first bowl Dhoni hits a nice boundary.

17:33: Wicket! MS Dhoni out c David Warner b Trent Boult.

17:35: Wicket! R Jadeja is run out (Trent Boult).

17:37: B McCullum have only three balls to reach his 100.

17:37: Six! McCullum hits a great shot that has gone all the way.

17:38: Four! B McCullum hits a nice boundary. Now McCullum reach on 99*.

17:38: one more run with McCullum bat makes the history of Pepsi IPL 2015 first century.

17:39: McCullum picks up a single. And makes the first century of Pepsi IPL 2015.McCullum CSK pictures

17:39: CSK 209/4 complete overs.

Chennai Super Kings Set a big target for Sunrisers Hyderabad i.e. 210 in 20 over.

Time to Chess the Tagete: Second Inning start

17:52: David Warner and Shikhar Dhawan come out to start SRH inning. Ashish Nehra ready with ball to D Warner.

17:54: Single picks up by D Warner on first ball.

17:55: Four! Positive Start by Shikhar Dhawan with a nice boundary.

17:57: Four! Ones again S Dhawan hits a superb boundary. Good timing well placed.

17:57: A Nehra finish his over with gives single. Good start by SRH 10/0 after 1 over.

17:59: Mohit Sharma on attack to S Dhawan.

17:59: Four! S Dhawan on charge and hits another boundary.

18: 01: M Sharma finish with single. SRH 15/0 after 2 over gone.

18:02: A Nehra ones again with ball. He gives singles on his first four balls.

18:06: Four! Ones Again S Dhawan hits a nice boundary.

18: 07: I Shrama deliver his last ball of the over. Dhawan picks up single. SRH 24/0 after 3 overs.

18: 08: M Sharma on attack comes with his second over.

18: 08: Four! S Dhawan hits another boundary.

18:10: Wicket! S Dhawan is out c Ravindra Jadeja b Mohit Sharma. Dhawan attack on the ball little bit early and loss his important wicket.

18:12: M Sharma finish his over after spending three singles on last three balls. SRH 32/1 after 4 overs.

18:15: A Nehra comes with his new over to D Warner. Give a single on first delivery.

18:16: Four! L Rahul edged and just short of first slip.

18:18: very economical over. Nehra spend only 5 runs in this over. SRH 37/1 after 5 overs.

18:19: M Sharma on attack now. Start with first dot delivery.

18:20: Six! D Warner hits a great shot.

18:21: Next three delivery batsmen add three runs on the score board.

18:24: Wicket! L Rahul out b Mohit Sharma. Very nice delivery by M Sharma finish his over with a wicket for his team. SRH 46/2 after 6 overs.

18:24: New bowler Ishwar Pandey into attack.

18:25: Six! Great welcome by D Warner to I Pandey with a great shot that has gone all the way.

18:27: Four! last bowl 4 runs by leg byes!

18:27: over finish I Pandeyfirst over 12 runs. Now SRH score card is 58/2 after 7 overs.

18:28: Dhoni start pressure on both ends. Now he call R Ashwin for bowling attack.

18:32: R Ashwin spend only four single in his first over. SRH 62/2 after 8 over gone.

18:32:New change in bowling again. This time Dwayne Bravo comes with the bowl. Stadium buzz with big cheers.

18:36: DJ Bravo deliver very economic over and spend only seven run through the over. SRH score is 69/2 after9 overs.

18:37: Two Minute strategic timeout.

18:39: R Ashwin on attack with his new over.

18:41: Ashwin gives 5 runs on his first five deliveries.

18:42: Six! N Ojha hits a great shot on R Ashwin full toss that has gone all the way.

18:42: after finish 10th over SRH score 80/2.

18:43: DJ Bravo comes with his new over first ball. Couple of runs on his first ball.

18:47: through the over DJ Bravo spend only 8 runs and it’s called very economy over.

18: 47: after 11 over gone SRH score 88/2. The required run rate is increase slightly.

18:48: Once again R Ashwin on attack to D Warner. Warner picks two runs on first ball and single on third ball.

18:49: Wicket! N Ojha is out c Mohit Sharma b Ravichandran Ashwin.

18:51: R Ashwin finish his over with single on last delivery. By this over SRH score only 5 runs and loss one wicket. Now score of SRH is 93/3 after 12 over gone.

18:54: I Pandey on attack ones again. By this over SRH score 6 runs, the pressure increase on batsman ball by ball. This time required run rate upto 16 runs per over. SRH score is 99/3 after 13 overs.

18:59: R Ashwin makes the pressure again and again on batsman to take chance.

19:01: over finish R Ashwin gives only 3 runs in his over. SRH 102/3 after 14 overs.

19:01: Two Minute Strategic timeout.

19:04: I Pandey on attack with his new over. Two single on first two bowls.

19:05: Four! D Warner hits a very nice boundary.

19:06: ones again D Warner hits great shot for six! And finish his half century of Pepsi IPL 2015.

19:06: Wicket! D Warner is out c Dwayne Smith b Ishwar Pandey.

19:07: I Pandey finish his over given single on last delivery. SRH score is 115/4 after 15 over gone.

19:10: R jadeja on attack new change in bowling. He gives three runs on first two bowls.

19:10: Six! R Bopara hits a great shot.

19:11: Six! R Bopara on charge now and hits two back to back sixes for his team which is must required right now.

19:11: over finish. By this over SRH score 17 runs. Now SRH reach 132/4 after 16 overs.

19:11: DJ Bravo on attack now. Gives four runs on first three deliveries.

19:15: Wicket! R Bopara is out b Dwayne Bravo.

19:17 D Bravo over finish, only six runs score by SRH and loss Bopara wicket. Now SRH 138/5 after 17 overs.

19:17 A Nehra on attack ones again, to K Williamson. Wide delivery.

19:22: SRH Score only 7 runs in this over and reach 145/5 after 18 overs.

19:24: DJ Bravo on attack now. CSK bowler offers not a single chance to SRH to pick up the score card.

19:27: SRH picks only singles on first five balls.

19:28: Wicket! K Sharma is out c Suresh Raina b Dwayne Bravo.

19:28: Mohit Sharma on attack this time. M Sharma to P Rasool picks single on first ball.

19:29: Four! K Williamson hits a very nice boundary.

19:30: two singles on next two deliveries.

19:31:Six! K Williamson hits a great shot on full length just outside off stump.

19:32: Picks single on the last delivery of the inning. SRH Scores only 164/5 after 20 over complete.

Chennai Super Kings win by 45 Runs.

Man of the match (MoM): Brendon McCullum.

The hero of this game is B McCullum hits the first century of Pepsi IPL 2015.

MS Dhoni Says: “today we batted very well as a team’s sprit and B McCullum was excellent, especially in this heat here. Its always very important to win at home ground as you know the conditions, it was a good win.”

D Warner Says: “We bowled probably an extra over and half with our extras that didn’t help but all credit to B McCullum who played a world class cricket inning.”



Dwayne Smith run out (Trent Boult) 27 26 103.84 4 1
Brendon McCullum NOT OUT 100 56 178.57 7 9
Suresh Raina run out (Lokesh Rahul) 14 12 116.66 1 0
MS Dhoni c David Warner b Trent Boult 53 29 182.75 4 4
Ravindra Jadeja run out (Trent Boult) 0 1 0.00 0 0
Dwayne Bravo NOT OUT 0 0 0.00 0 0
EXTRAS (nb 4, w 4, lb 7) 15
TOTAL (4 wickets; 20 overs) 209


  • Francois du Plessis ,
  • Ravichandran Ashwin ,
  • Mohit Sharma ,
  • Ishwar Pandey ,
  • Ashish Nehra
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 4 31 0 7.75 12
Trent Boult 4 34 1 8.50 11
Ishant Sharma 3 46 0 15.33 6
Karn Sharma 4 51 0 12.75 7
Ravi Bopara 4 29 0 7.25 7
Parveez Rasool 1 11 0 11.00 3


  • 1-75 (Smith, 8.1 ov) ,
  • 2-135 (Raina, 13.3 ov) ,
  • 3-198 (Dhoni, 19.2 ov) ,
  • 4-198 (Jadeja, 19.3 ov)


David Warner c Dwayne Smith b Ishwar Pandey 53 42 126.19 1 3
Shikhar Dhawan c Ravindra Jadeja b Mohit Sharma 26 18 144.44 5 0
Lokesh Rahul b Mohit Sharma 5 8 62.50 1 0
Naman Ojha c Mohit Sharma b Ravichandran Ashwin 15 11 136.36 0 1
Ravi Bopara b Dwayne Bravo 22 15 146.66 0 2
Kane Williamson NOT OUT 26 18 144.44 1 1
Karn Sharma c Suresh Raina b Dwayne Bravo 4 6 66.66 0 0
Parveez Rasool NOT OUT 2 2 100.00 0 0
EXTRAS (w 4, lb 7) 11
TOTAL (6 wickets; 20 overs) 164


  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar ,
  • Ishant Sharma ,
  • Trent Boult
Ashish Nehra 4 31 0 7.75 8
Mohit Sharma 4 36 2 9.00 8
Ishwar Pandey 3 26 1 8.66 5
Ravichandran Ashwin 4 22 1 5.50 8
Dwayne Bravo 4 25 2 6.25 5
Ravindra Jadeja 1 17 0 17.00 0


  • 1-30 (Dhawan, 3.4 ov) ,
  • 2-46 (Rahul, 5.6 ov) ,
  • 3-91 (Ojha, 11.3 ov) ,
  • 4-114 (Warner, 14.5 ov) ,
  • 5-136 (Bopara, 16.4 ov) ,
  • 6-150 (Sharma, 18.6 ov)


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